The Best Way To Make The Most Of A Loft Space

If you have a loft in your home, consider yourself lucky! It may not seem like it, but this particular space is actually a great asset for many reasons. You might think of it as a useless area that could have been used for something more practical when, in fact, it is useful. Before you write off your loft as purposeless, take a look around at its dimensions. You'd be surprised how much space your tiny loft has; with all that precious real estate, the last thing you want to do is waste it.

Despite what you may think, attics and lofts are not the same. Though both are located directly under the roof of the home, the main difference is that lofts are large, open spaces and attics are much smaller and closed off, according to Designing Buildings. Of course, both can be used for storage or transformed into a spare room, but we're only going to discuss lofts and how you can make the most of their space.

Convert into a living space

Instead of keeping the area empty and unused, consider the option of transforming your unfinished loft into a living space. It's pointless to neglect this area when there are so many options to maximize its potential; however, there are several factors to keep in mind before you dive in head-first to this DIY project. According to Loftera, one of the major design issues for converting your loft is figuring out if you can actually transform the space.

The recommended minimum height for a loft ceiling is about 7 feet, so if your ceiling comes up short, unfortunately, you may not be able to use the space as intended. If your loft's ceiling reaches the minimum, you need to ensure you insulate the walls before moving forward with the conversion. By insulating your loft, you're trapping the heat in, which keeps the space warm during the cold winter months, Home Energy says. Once you've figured out these aspects, it's time to shop for the furniture and decorate the space you've always wanted. Soon, you'll have a tranquil and cozy space to relax in.