3 Tips For Keeping The Top Of Your Dresser Clutter-Free

Did you know that having clutter around your home directly impacts your stress and performance levels? Studies show that clutter in the home makes it difficult to focus and process important information because it overwhelms the mind with more than is necessary (via MYMOVE). It can negatively impact how we feel about our homes and even how we feel about our lives as a whole, per newsGP. Because of how much clutter can affect your well-being, decluttering is a must.

There are so many types of clutter that we forget about or ignore. For example, your bedside table and dresser are some places where clutter can seem inevitable because we think there will always be something there, and there is no other place for that stuff. However, there are various ways to make sense of the madness. These tips will help you transform the top of your dresser from an eyesore to a spot you actually enjoy looking at!

1. Use storage trays

A lot of clutter comes from loose items that are hard to arrange. Maybe they are too small to put away in a drawer because they get lost easily. Perhaps they are constantly in use and need to be easily reachable. Bobby pins and hair ties are some common examples. Because of their size and their function, it's easy for them to get scattered around. However, storage trays are a great solution.

Storage trays, like catchall trays, are a stylish way to stay organized and access all the random items you need. Think of how many things you need to store and how much space they can take up so you can get the right shape and size to suit your dresser. Mark and Graham suggests getting a custom catchall tray to make it feel more personal. If it's a shared room, you can also get individual trays, so it's easier for each person to stay organized.

2. Use a jewelry arrangement box

The main culprit that causes clutter on a bedroom dresser can be jewelry since they are small in size and large in number. We wear our jewelry for the day and leave it on the dresser, where all the different pieces pile up into a mess. In addition to forming clutter, they can get tangled and lost when they sit loosely on the dresser. Arrangement boxes to the rescue!

Before you buy multiple boxes that take up all the space on your dresser, think of the main pieces you wear daily or regularly. These are the ones that will need a home on the dresser because the pieces that aren't used frequently can be stored away in a drawer. Ring holders and necklace stands that hold only a few pieces can keep the place free from clutter while decorating the area. This arrangement method can also help you in terms of cutting down on your belongings as a whole. If you realize there is jewelry you never wear, consider clearing out the rest, per The Container Store. That can inspire you to tackle your whole bedroom — especially those overstuffed closets.

3. Keep the important stuff

To keep the top of your dresser free from clutter, limit the things that occupy that area to important, sentimental stuff. MYMOVE advises prioritizing what is truly important and keeping the rest tucked away. Put out items like framed photos, books, and potted plants, setting them up to look nice and presentable. This will make you feel more committed to maintaining the dresser's pleasant appearance and leave little space for clutter.

Another way to do this is by making the top of your dresser a sacred place. It can contain all the things that make you feel relaxed, like candles, perfumes, moisturizers, and flowers. Some people love the idea of a home altar where you can put out things like crystals and set an intention for the space to be a source of strength and inspiration, per Well + Good. This transforms this area into a place of calm as opposed to a source of stress.