The Best Way To Make The Most Of A Small Bedroom

If you have a small bedroom, it can be a constant challenge to feel comfortable in your space, but it does come with a bright side. According to The Inspired Room, small rooms are much cozier than large rooms and accumulate fewer things. A smaller bedroom also means that you're getting the most value for money spent on furniture, as items added to a smaller room have a much bigger impact than if you were to add the same piece to a larger room.

So, what can you do to make sure you're making the best of your small bedroom? Well, Forbes says there's quite a lot you can do. They recommend allowing as much natural light as you can into your bedroom and making the most of your windows. Other suggestions include adding mirrors and custom-built furniture to suit your space. These are all excellent ways to maximize your space and are guaranteed to yield great results. However, there is a hack you ought to know that is even more practical and effective.

Create floor space

According to ExtraSpace Storage, there are quite a few underrated hacks you can employ to create as much free floor space as possible within your bedroom. Under the bed storage or a custom-built platform bed, for example, are great suggestions. Using the space under your bed for storage is a sure-fire way to create more space while making sure you use every inch of the bedroom purposefully. They also recommend using furniture risers to create space under your bed if need be.

Bensons for Beds has some more suggestions to free up as much space as possible while making sure the space is being used in savvy ways. Corner shelves will ensure you don't let any wall space go to waste, while you can use the space at the end of your bed to store a small desk or stool, or you can even incorporate shelving into your headboard. These are brilliant ways to make sure you maximize your storage so you keep as much of the area free for traffic and movement as possible.

Plants and lighting

Increasing floor space doesn't just mean getting creative with your storage options. Furniture items such as plants, lamps, and nightstands take up valuable room too. Abby Organizes recommends opting for vertical planters and storage racks to make sure decor items don't create unnecessary clutter. Moreover, floor lamps or table lamps, while popular choices, aren't the best for maximizing space. Sconces or pendant light fixtures don't take up any floor or table space but get the same job done. Additionally, a few well-placed hooks and shelves can work wonders in a small bedroom. 

That's not all. Food 52 says you ought to think about how your furniture is placed as well. Don't be afraid to try new layouts with your existing furniture — you might be surprised at what you can come up with. With all of these hacks under your belt, we're sure you'll be creating additional space in no time.