Pasan Perera

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Colombo, Sri Lanka.
CINEC Maritime Campus, Human Resources Management Institute
Real Estate, Interior Design, Home Renovation
  • Pasan has years of professional writing experience, mostly as a freelance writer working with local and international clients.
  • He has worked as a white-label SEO writer for two Australian digital marketing agencies (DMAs).
  • His educational background in management and finance adds value to real estate and housing related content.


Pasan started writing professionally at age 16 by helping visa students with SOPs (statements of purpose) and he never stopped. Since then, he has gained years of experience as a writer with most his time spent doing freelance work for clients around the world. Working as a white-label SEO writer for Australian DMAs (Digital Debut and KBB digital), he has written articles for clients that do business in home construction, interior design, landscaping, and even plumbing. His work is featured on business blogs of companies such as Carpet House, Bellarine Flooring, A Country Garden, and Field Engineers. Having broad experience because of writing for many different housing related niches gives Pasan insights that regular writers might not have.


Pasan has a higher national diploma in Business Management and is completing his bachelor's degree in Banking and Finance at the CINEC Maritime Campus. This makes him uniquely qualified to steer readers through the complicated laws, financing, and management sides of real estate or housing.
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