30 Charming DIY Birdhouses That You Can Build Right Now

One great thing about building a birdhouse is that it's a project that the whole family can enjoy. Not only will you get to watch the birds come and go while you're relaxing, but you'll also get to enjoy the process of making this handcrafted item. Most birdhouses are made from wood, but you can also use metal, plastic, or even other recycled or upcycled materials. 

Audobon states that bird watching is good for your health, as it is a relaxing activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It is a great way to get outside and enjoy nature. Not to mention, by housing the birds, you are helping them to stay safe and healthy. A birdhouse can be made out of almost anything, and it is a great way to attract more birds to your home. Here are 30 charming and fun do-it-yourself birdhouses that you can build. 

1. Simple wooden birdhouse

If you want to build a working birdhouse but do not have a lot of time to make one, this is a good DIY. Even use scrap wood if you have it. Make sure the size of the wood is roughly even on all sides. All you need are some nails and a hammer to create this.

2. Charming log cabin

This birdhouse will take a little more time and concentration to put together. Rockler shares instructions on how to create a log cabin birdhouse without having to mill each little log by hand. The end result is an adorable little cabin your favorite birds can retreat to. 

3. Sticks and twigs

You can build this birdhouse by simply taking a walk around your backyard and picking up sticks and twigs of various sizes. Build the foundation, glue it together, and build the roof up with smaller twigs. This open plan could also double as a bird feeder

4. Bejeweled birdhouse

There is nothing like a little pop of color to perk up your mood. Plus, a bejeweled birdhouse will attract more birds with its shiny, colorful shapes. This is made with some simple wooden pieces. 

5. Repurposed jug birdhouse

You can recycle a simple plastic jug or jar into a birdhouse of your very own. Simply leave the top off the jar and cut a hole in the side for a little window for the birds.

6. Church for the birds

This is such a charming little church that you can build for the birds. Simply build a regular birdhouse base, and add a smaller birdhouse on top of it. You can paint it according to whatever you like. 

7. Woven abode

If you know how to weave, you can easily create this lovely little woven birdhouse! All it takes is some sturdy straw and chicken wire. 

8. Home sweet home

If you are looking for a creative way to repurpose old license plates, this is a great way to do it! Take the plates, cut them to size, and put it together with screws. 

9. Gingerbread house

You can have Christmas all year round with this charming gingerbread house. It simply takes some wooden pieces to put the base of the birdhouse together. Then you can decorate it just like a gingerbread home if you want, complete with a wooden gingerman. 

10. Gourd-geous birdhouses

If you are looking for a birdhouse that is closer to nature, you can always create one out of a gourd. Granted, once you hollow it out, it can take up to a year to fully dry out. But once it is dry, you will have a house that the birds will revel in.

11. Button up

This sweet little birdhouse is made from particle board and wood. But perhaps the best feature about it is its adorable décor. Buttons adorn the front of this home to create a fun design. 

12. Log lodging

This is a really easy birdhouse to build, especially if you have logs around. All you need to do is open the top and bottom of the log, attach a metal bottom to it, and drill a hole large enough for birds to get through. 

13. Quirky corky house

If you enjoy a glass of wine now and then, don't throw out the corks; create something new with them! Use a wooden base, and build with the corks up until you are happy with the size of your birdhouse! Make sure you leave an opening so they can get in.

14. Mossy forest birdhouse

If you are looking to add a bit of a forest feel to your backyard, think about growing some moss over a birdhouse. You can even plant some wildflowers by it. The birds will be all the more attracted to it.

15. Awesome A-frame birdhouse

If you are looking for a more minimalistic look, these adorable A-frame birdhouses are easy to assemble. All you need is some thin wooden boards that you can build up into an A-line. Add an opening, a perch for the birds, and a hook to hang it from, and you're good to go. 

16. Birdhouse with drinking bowl

This sweet little birdhouse is made of wood, with a generous opening for larger birds. But beneath is where the magic lies; birds can get a quick drink before they fly off on their next adventure. Simply use an orange with the fruit scooped out of it and fill it with water. 

17. Bird village

Why choose only one birdhouse? This little bird village sits atop a trellis. The birdhouses themselves are all made out of different materials, from sticks and twigs to new and reclaimed wood; the sky is the limit! 

18. Cone roofed birdhouse

This charming little birdhouse is made from wooden slats glued together. Birds can choose to perch on the front of the birdhouse or on the top of the conical-shaped roof made with wood and tar paper. 

19. Cardboard birdhouse

If you are looking for a fun and quick craft that will also benefit the birdies, this cardboard birdhouse is easy to put together with your kiddos. Take some cardboard, hot glue, and a small, thin wooden skewer for a perch, and swirl some ribbon in the top to hang it from a tree. Feel free to decorate.

20. Helmet head house

This is a simple wooden birdhouse, but what makes it special is the roof. Using a recycled motorcycle helmet for the roof adds a fun aesthetic to your yard.

21. Rad reclaimed birdhouse

This funky birdhouse is made using a wooden box, some recycled metal, and a chain, as well as some bendable plastic for the roof. This open floorplan birdhouse also allows for birdseed to be tossed inside to attract the birds. The chains help it attach sturdily to a branch of your favorite tree. 

22. Rad recycled bottle birdhouse

You can recycle your soda bottles in a very unique way with this birdhouse. All it takes are two different-sized bottles and some paint in fun colors to create an adorable birdhouse — use clay to make a stoop. This is a wonderful project that you can easily do with children. 

23. A bucket for birds

A fun-shaped birdhouse, indeed. This one looks as though it was made from a reclaimed wooden bucket. You can paint it and add a wooden roof on top, and decorate however you like. 

24. Milk carton home

Another kid-friendly and totally hands-on birdhouse can be made from an empty milk carton container. They are extremely easy to put together, and decorating them is a blast!

25. Popsi-cool birdhouse

Made from simple craft items like popsicle sticks and cardboard, these birdhouses would make a lovely addition to any yard or porch or wherever you would like to attract birds. The exciting part is decorating it to match your home or however your imagination sees fit. 

26. Whimsical whirly birdhouse

These birdhouses are the definition of fun. With bright and bold colors, these homes for your feathered friends add a touch of whimsy to the top of it with a little windmill. These birdhouses are made from wooden components. 

27. Restaurant of choice

With both old and new materials, you can re-create your favorite restaurant or even your favorite place to go. Some wood for the outside and repurposed roofing shingles create a fun atmosphere for the birds. If you throw some birdseed inside, it truly can be a restaurant, well, for the birds at least. 

28. Tape and twine birdhouse

This cute bird bungalow was created using normal items one would have around the house, like tape and some twine and fabric. Add a popsicle stick ladder perch, and you have a cool new home that's literally for the birds!

29. Barn Birdhouse

This whole birdhouse was made up entirely of plywood and recycled wood scraps. You can add as much or as little detail as you want to your bird barn. If you want, some adorable miniature logs can add a touch of farmhouse charm. Maybe even add shutters. It'll be the cutest little birdhouse on the block. 

30. Coffee Can Cafe

Here is a house using very simple materials — a coffee can and some wood to mount it on. Drill a nice large hole so the birds can climb in and admire their new home. Decorate the board with a nice welcome sign to let the birds know to visit their newest digs.