The Least Expensive Entertainment Centers At West Elm

West Elm is a very popular and trendy furniture store founded in 2002 under Williams-Sonoma Inc., the company in charge of other much-loved stores such as Williams-Sonoma Home, Pottery Barn, Mark & Graham, and Rejuvenation. In the 20 years since the store's conception, it has quickly become a cornerstone of relevant furniture and decor trends along with timeless, well-made pieces.

West Elm prides itself on a variety of ethical production and labor practices, including sourcing original and local designers, investing in small businesses, producing handcrafted materials, and being the first home and furniture retail store to join Fair Trade USA (via West Elm). The store also tries to source sustainable, organic, and eco-conscious materials. While all of these are great values, it does result in higher product prices that can make shopping at the store on a budget very difficult. It isn't impossible, though — there are plenty of affordable options if you look close enough. Keep reading to explore a few affordable entertainment centers, all under $450.

Modular mid-century media

This first entertainment center is a customizable, modular set. The Mid-Century Media starts at $449 but can cost up to $3,599. It is inspired by mid-century silhouettes popular in the 1950s and '60s in the United States, with rounded legs, clean lines, and angled edges. It is made with FSC-certified wood in an acorn color, finished with Acacia wood veneer, and has antique-inspired bronze hardware.

The console can come in six different variations. The cheapest of them is the media hutch, which costs $449 for the narrow size and $749 for the wide option. The narrow size is nearly 46 inches wide, 25 inches deep, and 19.5 inches tall, and has three open shelves. Other options in the set include a media cabinet, which starts at $799 and comes in three different sizes, a narrow tower that costs $549 and has two different drawer options, and a combination of the hutch and tower for $999. You can also buy a five-piece set with the media cabinet, two towers, and two hutches for $2,849 or a six-piece set with an additional shelf between the hutches.

Mid-century media console

The next relatively inexpensive entertainment center sold at West Elm is the Mid-century Media Console, which is $449, though it does go on sale from time to time. As the name would suggest, this console is also designed in the mid-century style, with rounded, outward-facing legs, clean lines, and rounded edges. It comes in a very warm, orange-toned wood, which is made of Acacia wood in an acorn-colored finish. This console is also made of FSC-certified wood as well as being made with fair trade labor.

The console is 48 inches wide, 16 inches deep, and 22.5 inches tall. The bottom of the console sits 11 inches off the ground, and there are two open compartment shelves that are 6 inches high and nearly 23 inches wide. The recommended television size for this entertainment unit is no more than 48 inches, and it shouldn't be made to hold more than 70 pounds. Finally, there is a small cut-out in one of the open compartments to discreetly feed cords and wires through.

Zane media storage

The Zane Media Storage sold at West Elm is also a more affordable option, starting at $399 but also occasionally going on sale. Similar to the first entertainment center, this one has optional add-ons to create more storage and surface area at a higher price, going up to $599. The main console can be found in a 40-inch style and a 68-inch style.

Both styles are 18 inches deep and a little over 22 inches high. The smaller unit has shelves with sliding doors as well as two open shelves, both of which are 18 inches wide. The cabinet is made of white lacquered wood with a stainless steel frame; the visible hardware is a subtle gold color. There are also cutouts in the back to feed cords through. This unit can hold 136 pounds. The larger size has the same base but with additional open shelving on each side of the main cabinet and four open shelving units on top. This unit can support 240 pounds in total. You can also add on matching bookshelves that are nearly 72 inches high, coming in two width sizes — 15 inches or 33 inches.