3 Kid-Approved Desks For Your Child's Room

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Right from when a child is born, their entire bedroom is designed to help them learn, but as they reach the age where they can work independently, it's important for them to have a dedicated workspace. A work area feels separate from the rest of the house and stores all the necessary supplies, preparing them mentally and practically for work mode. When deciding where exactly to place a desk in a room, Blue Spot Furniture notes that it needs to be the correct size and should be placed away from distracting areas like a window or door, perhaps putting it up against a wall instead. They also encourage children at and above the kindergarten stage to take responsibility for organizing their workspace.

Desks are a crucial part of a workspace and come in various forms, which is why it's important to stick to the priorities. Your child might be drawn towards a fun, playful desk, but does it have the essential functions? On the other hand, it might be practical, but does it stimulate their mental development? These three styles of desks are both stylish and functional, and will surely improve your child's homework time.

Maintain flexibility

Ergonomic office products are so important for humans at any age because they are designed to support the natural forms of our bodies. When it comes to choosing a desk for your child, keep in mind that their bodies are small, but also growing. The proportions of the desk need to be the right size to support their posture, arms, and even eyes as they focus on their books or computer.

Designed for children around the ages of 3 to 10, this VIVO Children's Interactive Workstation prioritizes flexibility. It is sturdy and designed to be adjusted as needed — growing as your child grows. Other similar desks include portable ones that can also be folded away for storage. While it's nice to have a desk stationed in the room, there are also benefits to having a desk that can be moved easily and isn't confined to a specific spot. 

Keep things fun

There are so many ways to have fun with a desk! Whether your child is younger and all about the bright colors, or a bit older and ready to show their individuality, playful desks that still maintain functionality are the way to go. 

One way to keep things fun with a desk is by including a lot of open storage space. Architecture Art Designs describe a range of creative ways to display your child's supplies, toys, and any projects they're proud of. Open cupboards, shelves, and overhead wall space are great places to hang things that can inspire and motivate them. This desk from Pottery Barn Kids comes with the option of an added hutch, which is a set of cabinets or shelves. Another type of playful desk is one that can be used and rearranged in different ways. This multi-use desk from Flying Olly can be used as a dry-erase board as well as a building block table.

The traditional desk

Classic tables are always in style. Because of how straightforward the structure is, a traditional desk is usually easy and quick to assemble. This is great for parents who don't have a lot of time for a complex DIY project. Parents also love simple desks that are reliable, easy to clean, and won't require a lot of maintenance. Desks from brands like KidKraft and Ikea are good examples that can serve various purposes, from work to play.

Traditional desks can also be used in other ways around the house, like a living room side table or ottoman, per The Strategist. Because of their simple designs, they can also blend in with the rest of the decor if that's something that is a top priority for you. A modern or minimalist desk with calm, basic colors isn't something to be worried about when you remember that supplies, toys, and the other things your child will be using are often colorful enough, suggests Moll.