Top 3 Tips To Make A Minimalist Bedroom Feel Warmer

Minimalist home décor has captured the hearts of many looking for a simpler lifestyle. Minimalist style only uses what is necessary. Tarkett says that it focuses on creating sharp lines and an uncluttered space. This style uses few bright colors — typically, the color palette is neutral. It may even be monochromatic or only use many different shades of one color. According to HGTV, minimalist spaces don't overstimulate. Instead, they allow the mind to focus on just a few simple design pieces, which could help the viewer relax. Other elements commonly seen in minimalist rooms include open floor plans, natural light, and pieces that serve multiple functions to save floor space.

However, although minimalism embraces simplicity, that doesn't mean your space has to be boring or feel cold. In fact, the best minimalist spaces allow for subtle interest and warmth through intentional design pieces. Below are the top three ways to make a minimalist bedroom feel warmer.

1. Layer textures

Adding interesting textural elements to your minimalist bedroom can make the space feel warmer. Texture can be added through larger pieces like wooden beams on the ceiling or a wooden bed frame or through smaller pieces like wicker baskets, rugs, and plants. HGTV says that minimalist spaces typically utilize leather and natural wood materials. To keep your room minimalist, ensure your textured pieces have clean lines and simplistic designs. According to 50 Floor, other homey ideas include adding lots of plants, installing warm hardwood floors, or decorating with interesting vases of different materials.

When decorating with textures, balance is key. Multi-Trade Building Services says that only using materials with similar appearances, like shiny leather and metals, is a mistake. Instead, mix lots of different finishes together, like leather, wicker, glass, and soft fabrics. Also, make sure to think about how comfortable and useful the materials are. This is especially important in the bedroom because the space needs to feel inviting and relaxing.

2. Choose cozy bedding

To make a minimalist bedroom feel warmer, layer on the cozy bedding. Crate & Barrel suggests buying sheets with at least a 200 thread count because they will be extra soft and warm. However, also keep in mind that sheets with too high a thread count may not last very long. You'll also want to think about how the changing seasons affect your bedding. Layering throw blankets will work best in the winter, while lots of throw pillows can work no matter the time of year. Styling pillows in front of a headboard will bring warmth to an otherwise hard wooden bed frame.

Overstock discusses how to keep bedding minimalistic but still interesting. For a simplistic look, keep your bedding monochromatic, but add different textures. For instance, a large quilt could be paired with a knitted blanket and fluffy pillows of the same color. Also, if you choose classic white bedding, a warmer white may look cozier than a cooler shade.

3. Consider lighting options

Finally, the lighting you use in your bedroom will determine whether it feels warm or cold. Bright, cold blue lighting will automatically make a space feel less cozy. Choosing warmer light bulbs will quickly make a minimalist space warmer. Pro Lighting says that warm lighting is best used in the bedroom, where you sleep and relax. They suggest using bulbs that are 3000K or lower.

Candles can also be utilized to create a warmer space. Candles are great décor pieces for minimalists because they take up only a small amount of space and don't draw lots of attention. Road Runners LLC says that candles add both warmth and security to a space. Flickering candles can make any room feel extra cozy, and scents will add another personal touch. For an extra warm and bright look, you could group lots of candles together. Candles can also easily be changed out to improve your space and mood.