Why Having Your Mirror Facing Your Bed Is Bad Feng Shui

Many home design experts love to reference feng shui, but few know what it actually is. According to the Chinese Language Institute, feng shui literally translates to the way of wind and water. More conceptually, though, it is the art of designing your home and life so that your space has optimal energy flow and balance. There are lots of elements to feng shui, and true practitioners spend lots of time studying the ancient art, which dates as far back as 1122 BCE.

Generally, there are eight areas of energy in a home in accordance with the bagua map. These areas are ruled by certain colors, elements, directions, symbols, and aspects of life. While the bagua map is meant to dictate which room falls under which category, there are some basic feng shui rules you can apply in specific rooms no matter where they fall, as the ultimate goal is to promote energy flow, balance, and harmony. One of these basic rules is to not place a mirror in front of your bed.

Mirrors disrupt the flow of energy

Mirrors are a very common piece of furniture found in most bedrooms. Whether you're using it to get dressed for the day, getting ready to go out at night, or for decorative purposes, mirrors can help any room, your bedroom included, seem more put together and complete. However, placing your mirror in front of your bed violates some feng shui principles.

According to Crane and Canopy, placing a mirror directly opposite from your bed can negatively affect how much rest you get at night. Mirrors are believed to cause energy to bounce around, which creates a sense of restlessness. Their magnifying properties can also amplify anxious thoughts and personal problems. Many cultures and religions believe that mirrors can be dangerous, and feng shui beliefs are no exception. Feng Shui Nexus warns that mirrors are believed to have soul-stealing abilities and can even cause issues in your relationship. That doesn't mean you can't have mirrors in your bedroom at all, though.

Where to place mirrors in your bedroom

While having a mirror facing your bed is bad feng shui practice, that doesn't mean you have to ditch your mirrors entirely. Really, the only hard and fast rule is keeping your mirror from being visible from your bed, per Feng Shui Nexus. You should also avoid placing them directly next to your bed. PODS Blog also warns that your mirror will reflect what it catches, so make sure wherever it's pointed remains organized and clutter-free.

The Washington Post recommends putting your mirror across from your bedroom door, which can help make the room feel brighter and more spacious. You should also hang your mirrors a little lower than usual, no more than 50 inches from the ground, to make it feel more intimate. If you can't avoid having a mirror in front of your bed, such as in rooms with mirrored closet doors, consider moving your bed, covering the mirrors with curtains, or even adding curtains to your bed.