Is It Worth It To Hire Movers?

Moving is stressful, no matter how you do it. It takes time, creates frustration, and costs you money. Most people don't move often, but when you consider the process, it's a lot of work to pull off, both physically and mentally.

It's no wonder many people hire professionals to do the work. Hiring movers means having someone else handle the stress of carrying heavy boxes or navigating furniture down tight steps. They can even pack all of your belongings for you. On the other hand, moving companies can be expensive. The average cost could range from $300 to $3,500 for a local moving service, according to MoveBuddha. For those that can handle the physical aspects of it, those savings could mean completing a new renovation project at your new location or keeping some funds for decor.

Whether or not you hire movers may come down to your budget and physical abilities. That aside, it's worth comparing both options before you decide which method is best.

When movers make sense

There are some obvious reasons to use movers, especially if you have a large household of items to pack up or heavy objects that need to be carried in precarious situations. As Einstein Moving Company notes, professional movers have the ability and tools (as well as the training) to move items safely. They also carry insurance that may protect you from financial loss if an accident occurs.

A second factor to consider is your timeline. If you need to move quickly, movers may be more efficient than trying to do all of the work yourself. Unless you have a lot of people willing to help you, having professionals around is best when a quick move has to happen.

Do you have time to pack and move yourself? Do you have the necessary physical abilities to manage heavy furniture? In these situations, hiring a team makes sense if you have the budget.

Finding an alternative

Another option is to choose moving companies for the specific services you need. Request an in-person estimate, advises LifeStorage. That way, you can ensure that you are getting a clear idea of what you'll be paying for the services you choose.

You may want to handle packing your belongings yourself. That could reduce the overall cost of hiring movers. You may want movers only to take on the heavy and bulky items and transport the rest yourself. That, too, can reduce costs. No matter what you do, be sure to research moving companies and get a few different estimates. Movers that provide low bids or require large deposits should be considered carefully, LifeStorage warns. It's also important to consider the company's professionalism before choosing one.

If you plan to do the work yourself, you'll save money, but it still probably won't be free of cost. Be sure to consider the cost of boxes (most homes need quite a few more boxes than you realize) and truck rentals.

With that information, you can choose if and when movers are the right decision. For many, there are some pretty practical reasons to spend the extra money; for others, a self-move is achievable.