Where Feng Shui Says To Place Mirrors In Your Home

Whether or not you're familiar with this ancient Chinese philosophy, let's take a moment to discuss feng shui and what you need to know. Feng shui is a philosophy stating that rearranging your home furniture will ensure a sense of harmony and balance, National Geographic explains. It originated in the ninth century B.C. but is still vastly popular among interior designers and homeowners today. Contrary to popular beliefs, feng shui is not a religion and can be practiced by everyone, YourObserver states.

The goal of practicing feng shui is to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility; however, it only works if you follow its rules exactly. According to LoveToKnow, there are several ways you can ruin the feng shui in your home, including poor color choices, usage of wrong elements, and mirror placement. To maintain a balanced and harmonious space, let's take a look at where feng shui says to place mirrors in your home.

Perpendicular to the front door

If you've ever tried your hand at feng shui, you know how tricky it can be trying to rearrange everything in your home just right. For example, somewhere down the line, you may have been told that placing a mirror opposite your front door will bring positive chi into your home, when in fact, you're actually bumping all that good chi energy out the door the moment it opens, says LoveToKnow.

Think of chi as a house guest and the mirror as a big bowl of onions. Once your house guest gets a whiff of that big bowl of onions, they'll be out the door faster than they came in. In other words, keep your mirrors perpendicular to the front door, says MyDomaine. The door is regarded as an important player in feng shui, so you must use it correctly to reap its benefits and fill your home with positive energy.

On either side of the hallway

When using mirrors in feng shui, opt for a hallway placement. Mirrors located in the hallway provide positive energy; however, avoid placing one at the end of the entryway. Feng Shui Nexus explains that a mirror at the end of the hall slows down the flow of good chi and can actually produce bad energy. So, essentially, a mirror with this placement tells the person walking toward it to stay away. But, of course, with all that bad energy lingering down there, who would try going near it anyway?

Instead, hang your mirrors on either side of the hallway, but be careful not to place them directly across from one another. The energy bounces off one mirror to the other in an infinite game of chai tennis. Mirrors are meant to magnify positive energy, but this game of back and forth ultimately creates a chaotic and disharmonious living space, says Feng Shui Beginner. If you follow these rules, your hallway will radiate positivity.