Over A Third Of People Agree This Plant Would Be The Perfect Home Addition

There are many benefits to having houseplants, such as improved air quality, concentration, mood, and reduced anxiety, per Swansons Nursery. Plants come in all shapes and sizes and can bring in the design elements you've been looking for. If you grab a houseplant with height, you can add various proportions to your space; if the plant has a lot of texture and color, it can be used as the focal point of a room.

We recently conducted a survey to ask people what plant they think would be a great addition to their home. Over a third of participants chose a particular plant that doesn't just have beautiful visual qualities but may also be capable of bringing peace to whatever space you put it in. There are so many fabulous spots to put a new plant, such as a bookshelf, dining table, coffee table, and entry table, per Welsh Design Studio. With a houseplant like this one, you may already have the perfect spot in mind.

Bonsai tree

Our survey asked 596 people which house plant would be the perfect addition to their home, and 37.42% (223 people) answered bonsai tree. This comes as no surprise, as bonsai trees can elevate the design of your home, clean the air around it, and can prevent coughing and dry skin because it's able to keep the area humid, per FlowerAura. This is also a fun plant to have, as you can let your creativity fly and create a pretty design around it.

Taking care of a bonsai tree doesn't have to be difficult, as long as you follow certain steps, per the Bonsai Empire. Typically, a bonsai tree will do well when placed by a South facing window, as it desires a lot of sunlight. Watering depends on the type of bonsai you have, but typically you'll only want to water it when the soil gets dry, and it shouldn't have a daily watering schedule.


21.81% (130 people) of participants also seemed to believe that bamboo could be a great houseplant. There are a plethora of benefits to having one in your home; bamboo can purify the air, relax strained eyes, bring beauty to any room, and allegedly absorb any nearby negative energy, per SpeakingTree. If you're an impatient person, this plant may be for you as it is one of the fastest growing plants and can reach 50-inches in height in a span of 24 hours.

Bamboo is also easy to grow and is capable of growing in either water or soil — but lives longer when placed in soil, per ProFlowers. This plant also prefers to be out of direct sunlight, and the soil should be consistently kept damp. Bamboo also thrives in slightly tropical areas and can be found in hardiness zones 10 and 11. To really keep bamboo healthy, it's advised to use a liquid fertilizer every three to four weeks.

Some other plants considered in this survey were cacti (17.79%), snake plants (14.09%), and cheese plants (8.89%).