What You Need To Know Before Buying A Dishwasher At Home Depot

Purchasing a dishwasher can be an intimidating experience. For something that you'll use so much that comes with such a big price tag, it's important to get a dishwasher that is both functional and able to coordinate with your kitchen. According to Whirlpool, there are a few different types of dishwashers; portable, integrated, drawer, countertop, and built-in. In the US, the strong majority of homes have a built-in dishwasher, and these are available for purchase both online and through big box stores like Home Depot. 

Home Depot's selection of dishwashers varies in size, style, and function. Their employees can help you figure out what will work best for your home, but it's always a good idea to have things researched and basically decided ahead of time. This will reduce your stress level while also ensuring you don't overpay. Knowing what you need when you walk into the store will make a huge impact on your purchasing experience. 

Choose a style

When you purchase a dishwasher, you obviously want it to look good. Fortunately, Home Depot has plenty of options. According to their website, dishwashers typically come in five shades: white, bisque, black, slate, and stainless steel. The most popular options for modern kitchens are stainless steel and black, but older homes could benefit from a white one if it fits the overall design look. 

The handles of your dishwasher are another style variation you may not have ever even thought of. Did you know that your dishwasher control panel can be completely hidden at the top of the dishwasher?  This keeps the handle looking sleek and simple — a popular goal for many modern kitchens. Of course, controls can also be on a panel on top of the handle, which can make usage a bit more convenient as front panels allow you to know which wash cycle your dishwasher is currently in. 

Important features

Only you can determine what features are important for you personally, but there are plenty of special technologies to choose from. Noise level is a big one for many people — dishwashers now come with noise reduction options. According to Compact Appliance, some dishwashers will come with a decibel level rating so you can know how loud it is prior to purchasing. 

Energy efficiency is another feature worth looking into. The newer the dishwasher, the more energy options you have. Look for machines that have the Energy Star label on them — you will save money on your bills while having a newer, more attractive dishwasher. Other fun options for dishwasher features include adjustable/removable racks, heated dry cycle, and hard food dispensers. Some also come with special cycles like delicate for hand-wash items, extra scrub cycles, and quick wash. 

Whichever dishwasher you choose, there are so many options that you can get a truly custom machine that will serve your family well for years to come.