20 Clever Designs To Add Overhead Garage Storage Space

While your garage can be a great place to store extra items, keeping all your belongings organized can be challenging. It's common for garages to fill up quickly, making them practically unusable. Typically, its floor space is filled with things like yard and power tools, sports equipment, kayaks, and bikes.

However, there are a number of ways to keep your garage organized. One of the most common methods is by using wall space. Wall solutions can be used to hang things along your walls. Another common way to save usable floor space is by installing overhead storage. TruBuild Construction says overhead storage could double your usable garage space. Another benefit is that these solutions will protect your possessions from water damage. They could also make it possible for you to park your car inside your garage. If you're looking for clever ways to use the space on your garage's ceiling, below are 20 ideas.

1. Hang bikes on hooks

Many bike lovers store their bikes upside down on ceiling hooks. This is a great way to use the space in the middle of your ceiling for storage. 

2. Install a storage rack

A metal storage rack could also be installed in the middle of your ceiling, which would be ideal for storage bins. When choosing this option, ensure your garage door can still smoothly open and close.

3. Install an overhead bin organizer

Another way to use the center of your ceiling is by installing bin storage. This system holds the bins up high using the sides of the lids, and the containers are easily slid into place. 

4. Build a wooden overhead rack

You could build your own wooden ceiling rack similar to the overhead metal variety. Typically, these are constructed with many supporting beams. 

5. Hang ladders

A ladder could also be hung along the ceiling to clear up floor space. This could make your ladder storage safer because there's no risk of it toppling over. Ladders are typically suspended with two horizontal hanging bars. 

6. Combine shelves and hooks

You could add hooks to the bottom of your ceiling rack to make the most out of an overhead storage solution. This will allow you to hang things like bikes and sports equipment underneath the frame. 

7. Include fishing pole storage

Fishing poles could also be hung along the ceiling in the garage. Just add two hooks for each rod. 

8. Hang skis

You could also hang seasonal items like skis or snowboards in a similar way. However, make sure they are fully supported and balanced. 

9. Hoist up your kayak

To lift your kayak to the ceiling, you could attach each side to a pulley system, which will make your water equipment easy to raise and lower. 

10. Store tires above the workbench

If you're unsure where to put your tires, you could store them above a workbench. However, make sure that the workbench can support the weight because tires are pretty heavy. 

11. Create a pulley system

A pulley system could be created to hoist just about anything to the ceiling. You could raise your bikes, yard equipment, or other items with a pulley. And, they'll be easy to access when you need them. 

12. Add a storage net

Just like it's used in cars, a storage net could be suspended on the ceiling of your garage. This would be a great place to store extra sports equipment (think footballs, soccer balls, etc.). 

13. Install a motorized lift

If you're looking for a way to store a large SUV or lawn mower, you could install a motorized lift. This would be ideal for more oversized items because they take up lots of floor space, and it would be easy to drive right onto the lift. 

14. Add shelves above the garage door

Shelves could be installed right above your garage door to maximize this typically unused space. This is a great place to store seasonal décor that is only taken down once a year. 

15. Add a wooden shelf

Installing a floating wooden shelf near the ceiling in your garage will give you the extra storage that doesn't take up floor space. This storage solution could easily be DIY'd. 

16. Store sports equipment

Another way to store sports equipment is by installing racks or hooks on the ceiling for things like rackets, golf clubs, baseball bats, or ball pumps. You could also keep sports balls in a drawstring bag and store them on an overhead shelf. 

17. Suspend a hose

If you use your garage for woodworking or to complete home DIY projects, you could install a dust hose on your ceiling with a hook, and this would free up floor space and give you an easy way to clean up wood dust. 

18. Hang power tools

For easy access to power tools, you could hang them from the ceiling. While not the most organized look, it would free up space in your garage. 

19. Lift a utility trailer

You could even lift a large utility trailer off the ground in your garage. When doing this, make sure the trailer is fully supported and use heavy-duty chains. 

20. Suspend extra car parts

Overhead storage could also be used to hold extra car parts, like the hard top on a Jeep. Large car parts could be placed on shelves or hoisted up with pulleys.