The Best Ways To Decorate Around A Bed

Every now and then, it helps to upgrade and decorate your bedroom space. Before doing any major changes, make sure the lighting is conducive, advises Puffy. Hang a chandelier on the ceiling to allow shimmering reflections of light to play along the walls. Establish a sense of serenity by painting bedroom walls in shades of blue or gray. Since people spend a third of their life sleeping, purchase a comfortable mattress for the bed with soft bedsheets and texturized throw pillows. Putting multiple pillows on top of a bed is a straightforward way to fill space and bring comfort.

When it comes to decorating around a bed, make sure the bedroom is adorned with light or neutral-colored walls and décor (via Norhart). The bedroom should be a place to feel relaxed, not rushed or anxious. Be mindful when making measurements for bed placement. Having a bed that's too big for the bedroom provides a lack of space for storage and limited room for walking. For those who have a wider bedroom, place a bed against a wall and add a daybed or bench at the foot of the bed for functionality. To play up the space around a bed, work with styles that are cohesive and fundamental without unnecessary distractions.

Shelving placement

Need a space in the bedroom to hold important items? Why not install shelves above a bed? For those who have a plethora of books, construct a bed bridge bookshelf, noted by Elbow Room. This could be done by purchasing regular bookshelves at home stores and then readjusting the models to fit the shape of a bed bridge bookshelf. Having two long vertical bookshelves on either side of the bed with a long horizontal bookshelf on top to create an arch could be plausible. It may be easier to have a bookshelf function as a headboard behind the bed. Shelves aren't only for books. Be creative by placing succulents, vacation relics, and family heirlooms on top of shelves.

Fill in the corner space above a bed by making a shelf (via She Gave It a Go). This way, the space above the bed won't feel crowded or congested. For those who work in their bedrooms and have a desk, they could place shelves above a bed to contain their work and office supplies. Pencils, pens, markers, staplers, and paper become accessible and within reach. Be distinctive and pick up a few floating shelves from a local home store to create a free-flowing wall design effect.

Construct family photo galleries

Fill the space around a bed with a family photo gallery. Poster Jack recommends that there should be enough space to continue adding onto an existing photo gallery wall. Use peel-and-stick prints to swap out photos when times of change arise. When creating a family gallery wall, try to stay with a theme. Popular themes include weddings, graduations, or family vacations. Can't decide on a theme? Take photos and place them in the same style of photo frames for continuity.

Treat the family photo gallery as if it was a large piece of artwork. When setting the photos up along the wall of the bed, imagine a vertical line going down the center. Place photos on either side of the "vertical line" to create balance. Doing so will allow everything to look well-measured. Decide on whether to work with black and white or colored family photos. Black and white prints look classic whereas colored prints are modern.

Whiteboards and blackboards aren't only for school

Spruce up the above space of a bed by installing a whiteboard. Whiteboards are great to use, especially when working at home, because they provide a sense of accountability when writing down notes and things to do, as stated by Red 17. Having a whiteboard in the bedroom reduces paper waste. Instead of using multiple sheets of paper from notebooks, to-do lists, grocery lists, and receipts could be tacked onto whiteboards. Buy magnets from home and kitchenware stores to attach important items to whiteboards. As a preference, remote workers enjoy using whiteboards because they don't cause eye strain like computer screens do.

Use a black chalkboard to place over a bed (via Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss). Chalkboards come in all shapes and sizes. Rectangular and circular ones are the most common to use in the home and in schools. Chalkboards could be tacked onto a wall above the bed, or hung by string nailed to a wall. For a personalized vibe, buy a chalkboard with monogrammed initials. Do a DIY project of making a decorative frame that could fit around a chalkboard. Paint the outer rims of frames with gold or silver paints in metallic finishes for fancifulness.

Wall decal inspiration

Placing wall decals over the wall of a bed is a way to fill empty space. Try to gain inspiration on what to have on the wall by looking online at websites such as Pinterest, as stated by Design Hill. Think of a theme, such as galaxy, animal, or sports related prints. Be aware of how much space needs to be filled. Bigger walls could do with handling more stick-on wall decals, whereas smaller walls could only handle some decals.

For those who relish shades of bright colors, check out blues, oranges, and reds when it comes to decals. Bold and dramatic prints play up the plainness of a wall's space and adds spice to a normal bed setting. Stick-on wall decals come in different print finishes as well such as gloss, mica, and metallic. Don't neglect the ceiling. Paint your ceiling a fabulous color. Dark metallic finishes are fashionable and mature, whereas light colored paint finishes offer an airy and innocent feel.

Do tapestry installations

Another way to improve the area of space around a bed would be to add tapestry. Tapestry art could be spotted at any local art fairs or festivals. Pottery Barn Teen advises that when it comes to hanging tapestry in a bedroom, use hooks by tying loops of rope or string to the top corners and positioning it properly. For those who don't want to use nails, find Velcro adhesive strips to put on all four corners of the tapestry onto the wall for easy placement and movement. For extra support, have a Velcro adhesive strip in the middle of the back of the tapestry to place on the wall.

Some tapestries may come with their own built-in rods. To be creative, measure how big the tapestry piece is and construct a rod to fit it properly. Do a DIY craft project to paint or wrap decorative fabric around the rod. Tapestries could be suspended like a canopy on the ceiling with proper installation of hooks and ropes. Go the effortless route by putting tapestry in a frame and hanging it on the wall near the bed.

Make worldly displays with maps

People travel all over the world and want to show off their endeavors by displaying where they've been. Decorate with a wall-sized world push pin map and by gathering travel souvenirs, as prescribed by Round Trip. Find postcards, photos, and plane tickets to pin onto the map. Be innovative by making a wall collage of maps from different countries or states. To be stylish, work with placement by putting maps of the same size or style together behind the bed's wall.

Dig deep into the throes of innovation by purchasing map-decorated tables or monogrammed wooden letters designed to look like a map next to the bed (via Simplified Bee). Purchase basic picture frames at any store that sells home items to place maps inside to hang on the wall above the bed. Look into bedding stores to buy novelty pillows that look like world globes. You also can't go wrong in purchasing a spinning desk globe to rest on top of a bedside table to accentuate the travel theme.

Display posters

L'essenziale advises that there's no easier way to display personal tastes and interests than having posters in the bedroom. For those who have shelves installed on the wall behind their bed, placing framed posters on the shelves is a clever idea for those who want to preserve the posters' neatness. Choose a variety of differently decorated photo frames for posters to place above the bed on the wall to look like a gallery display. To make the bedroom wall behind the bed look wider, arrange posters horizontally. On the contrary, arrange posters vertically to give the illusion the wall is taller.

Popular ideas for posters to have in the bedroom are movie and television show posters (via Decorated Life). Change with the seasons by placing posters above the bed's wall that represent major holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Retro holiday posters are adorable and can be found online or could be custom made with the right digital program. Bring the outdoors inside by framing a poster of a landscape or farmhouse scene above the bed, perfect for a modern country aesthetic.

Design with ceramics and potted plants

Think outside of the box by utilizing ceramics instead of having a typical headboard behind the bed, recommends Keraben Grupo. Stone, wood, and cement could be used to make a sturdy headboard. Making a ceramic headboard requires help from professional contractors and will take time to finish the project to completion. Have a look online to see how other people have constructed and designed their ceramic headboards. This will provide ideas as to what the outcome could be like. Be adventurous and work with geometric prints and splashy colors.

Fill the space near the bed by hanging a potted plant from the ceiling (via Crafts On Fire). Hang potted plants next to a window, but be sure its not overexposed to light. Mount shelves above a bed to place the plants. Do a DIY project by painting ceramic pots with acrylic paints. Match the newly-designed ceramic pot with the bedroom's aesthetic. Instead of drilling holes into the wall to build shelves for potted plants, display them without using a drill. Suction cups, magnets, and adhesive strips work well for hanging small, lightweight plants for those who like alternative methods without ruining walls.

Use sports memorabilia

Introduce sports memorabilia into the bedroom with these home design hacks. According to Curbly, a worded light display that says "touchdown" or "play ball" could go above the bed. Famous and amateur sports team jerseys could also be put into picture frames to cover the space above the bed. To cast a vintage vibe, make a black and white photo collage of a specific sports team. As well as showing off jerseys and photos, build shelves for additional sports memorabilia. Helmets, trophies, and medals collected from school and recreational sports could sit on top of the shelves. A unique way to show off athletic and active gear would be to purchase a surfboard or lacrosse stick to decorate above the bed.

Go vintage by shopping online for professionally signed sports balls, pennants, and jerseys (via Live Better). Sports room design doesn't have to be all about jerseys and awards. Along the wall of the bed, hang tennis rackets and skis to break away from the typical sports team aesthetic. Check out thrift shops to find sports lockers to decorate with at home in the bedroom. Once these lockers are cleaned and given a fresh coat of paint, they could be used for storage. Go all out by painting the bedroom walls and furniture in favorite team colors to boast team spirit.

Craft with art mobiles

An inventive way to decorate around the bed would be to buy or make art mobiles. Grab some bamboo material to make wind chimes for an Asian aesthetic, recommends Garden Fountains. Get children involved in a crafting project by allowing them to paint glass or plastic suncatchers. These suncatchers would look pretty hanging from the ceiling of a bedroom by reflecting colors along the walls. Have jewelry that's no longer worn, but don't want to discard the pieces? Attach short, beaded necklaces together to build a long, hanging mobile.

Wash used glass or plastic soda bottles and fill them with water, twigs, and flowers. Tighten up the caps and suspend them on rods with heavy string or yarn. Another way to create a mobile would be to cut out discs from construction paper and use colored markers or colored pencils to design the discs. Have keys that no longer go to anything? Create a mobile out of twisted ties or pipe cleaners to make a mobile. Puncture holes in bottle caps to thread string through to hang above a bedroom ceiling to make a mobile. Be unique by using materials that could be found at hobby stores or around the home.

Create openness with mirrors

To make a room look larger, simply add a mirror to create the essence of space and lighting, notes Leather Gallery. The eyes will immediately be drawn to the mirror. To decorate around a bed, place a mirror on top of a nightstand next to the bed. There's no need to get nails and tacks to hammer the mirror onto the wall to do this. Create a mirror gallery by putting rounded and rectangular-shaped mirrors above the bed for decoration.

Add pops of color by buying uniquely-designed frames from craft stores or secondhand shops to frame mirrors around the bed (via Badcock & More). For ornate mirror frames that have tarnished paint, refurbish the frame by painting over it with metallic gold acrylic paint. Add kitsch by making a mirror frame out of popsicle sticks and painting over the sticks with finger paints. Glue beads in solid, metallic, or sparkly finishes for extra zeal. Have two mirrors to hang side by side next to the bed to create the illusion of an arched headboard.

Basket displays add coziness

Go to a home store and buy flat wicker baskets in many sizes to place along the wall above the bed. According to The Honeycomb Home, doing this wicker basket project will add bedroom appeal. Make a template by tracing the bottoms of the baskets onto white printer paper with a pencil. Once the bottoms are traced, cut out the circles and arrange them along the bed's walls to get a feel of how the actual wicker baskets will be hung. After you've settled on the arrangement you want, use putty to put the wicker baskets on the wall.

Check out round and rectangular wicker baskets with low sides at local home design stores. These will look pleasant resting on top of bedside tables, (via Stone Gable). Tall-sided wicker baskets are great to place items in for bedtime such as sleep aids, a sleep mask, reading glasses, and quiet activities. If the bedside table has a shelving area to put things underneath, wicker baskets could be placed there. Place shelves on top of the wall of the bed to put wicker baskets on with potted plants inside for a naturalistic aesthetic.

Wreath decor isn't just for Christmas

Decorating with wreaths doesn't have to be just for during the Christmas season. Wreaths could be used to decorate around the bed all year long, as stated by Little Glass Jar. Grab faux wreaths from a hobby store and colored ribbon as well. People may choose to purchase green, red, gold, and silver colors for Christmas, but ribbon in poppy pinks and luscious purples are stylish as well. The wreaths could hang on top of the wall above the bed. With duo bedside tables, place a bowl of plastic holiday ornament balls or pinecones on the tables. Doing so would be nice for the holidays, but could also be adjusted for year round décor.

If the bed is centered between two windows or beneath a window, hang a wreath from each window with ribbon or string (via Between Naps on the Porch). For those who have mirrors above the bed, small wreaths could be hung down in front of the mirrors. Wreaths don't have to be made from foliage. Look into crafting wreaths online. Wreaths could be made from fabric such as cotton, felt, and even water bottles to be molded into the shape of an actual wreath.

Create elegance with canopies and drapes

A chic way to play up the area around the bed is by installing drapes to form canopies. A mounted curtain rod could be used for drapes that extend along the sides of the bed, as prescribed by Continental Window Fashions. Play with fabric colors and designs. Solid, neutral colors look best for adults who want a studious and soothing bedroom environment. Drapes in patterned designs are eclectic. For people who want the bedroom to produce a vintage romantic feel, use hooped or curved curtain rods for drapes above the bed. Buy drapes in pale pink or bold raspberry shades.

For an elegant vibe, cover the bed completely with drapes by mounting four curtain rods along the perimeter of the ceiling. This will enable total privacy when needed. For people who don't want to commit to having a full canopy, situating a partial canopy may be the solution. Have a rod with fabric draped on it behind the bed. If the bed is in front of a window, drapes prevent bothersome sunlight from peeking through.