How To Decorate Your Home Like Virgin River

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The Netflix hit drama series "Virgin River" is based on one of Robyn Carr's novels, with the fourth season released in July 2022 and a confirmed renewal for a fifth season upcoming, per What's on Netflix. Great news for those of you who already binged all four seasons. The series follows Melinda Monroe, a nurse practitioner, to a quaint little town in Northern California with hopes of outrunning her past. A city girl, Mel finds a fondness for nature and love in her new town. Speaking of, have you seen the views? The large mountains, tall trees, and vast lakes surrounding Mel's cozy log cabin in the woods are stunning.

While you cannot relocate the terrain, you can decorate your space to feel like it belongs in the little town of Virgin River. Update your digs as Jack did for Mel in the first season with materials, fabrics, and furniture fit for a cabin. From outdoor lighting to indoor greenery and all the blankets, you can make your space feel like a scene right out of the show. Grab inspiration from the guide below for all the ways to decorate your home like "Virgin River."

Decorate with charming curtains

When decorating your space to look like Mel's cozy cabin in the woods, cover your windows with curtain styles that bring in freshness, create pleasantness, and allow more natural light to filter inside. Get the cabin look by choosing the proper curtain material and design. The type of material for the curtain panels you choose is essential, as thickness will determine the amount of light that filters through. "How to truly upgrade your living space is by choosing a medium-weight-fabric which is both sheer to diffuse daylight and also cozy at night to soften the darkness," interior designer Carly Madhvani told Livingetc. Medium-weight materials like cotton and polyester allow the light to warm your interior without sacrificing privacy.

While the material matters, the design is what invokes that country charm. Layering the windows in your interior with curtain panels with leafy nature-inspired prints in modern neutral colors will add delicate delight to the interior. Patterned curtains add subtle visual interest to a room and lessen the need for decor on the walls. Add a layer of lace curtains for a chic, trendy touch. The combination is just what you would expect from a mountain cabin.

Add classic indoor light fixtures

For the indoors, natural lighting cascading through the windows is essential. However, when the sun dips below the horizon, you still need artificial lighting to illuminate the inside. Renovate your home like Jack renovated the cabin for Mel in the first season of "Virgin River" by adding some new light fixtures to a room. Mel's cabin makeover boasts several different lighting styles, including table lamps and floor pieces. Use this inspiration for your home when shopping for light fixtures.

Decorating with lighting is easy once you factor in what fixtures you already have in the area. Glance around the room you are redecorating and determine what light sources are missing. "There is no single light fixture that gives you everything you need to illuminate a room properly," lighting designer Randall Whitehead told The Architects Diary. By decorating with what you don't already have, you can add lighting to brighten the space uniquely. Not all the pieces need to match either. Instead, blend fixtures with different shades, designs, and base forms crafted from wood, ceramic, or metal.

Incorporate low glow outdoor lighting

If you are yearning to enjoy the nighttime outdoors instead of indoors, especially in the woods, you need more than just a porch light. Whether you live in a forest area like Mel in "Virgin River" or not, decorate your outdoor space with low lighting for the perfect evening glow. Keep it casual, and drape string lights across the front or back areas of the home like Jack did for Mel. Decorate outdoor trees with lights or features like pergolas and umbrellas. The low lighting provides just enough visibility for snuggling on the porch chairs in the evening.

You can create the look inside a covered patio by stringing the strands of bulbs from corner to corner across the ceiling. Not a possibility? Not a problem. You can DIY a freestanding display with planters and wood or cement poles and string the lights from one pole stand to the other in any shape you desire, per I Should Be Mopping the Floor. This idea allows you to take the light outdoors wherever you need it.

Bring outdoor greenery inside

For a genuine "Virgin River" vibe, decorate your place with a combination of potted plants at multiple levels. Don't just layer greenery of different height intervals, but layer the foliage from different elevations in your home. Give potted plants a lift and consider hanging a few in the corner from the ceiling just like in Mel's cabin. Hanging planters look stunning when nestled in a corner. They instantly draw the eye's attention upward and soften the interior aesthetic.

Without interrupting the flow in the room, make a drab corner come to life by adding lush greenery. When decorating with plants in the corners of a room, choose ones that add character but are easy to maintain. One of the lowest maintenance plants you can pot is a spider plant. "I love it for its fountains of variegated foliage and little baby spider plants that dance around the leaves on their curved stems," Zia Allaway, author of RHS Practical House Plant Book, told Country Living. "It takes some shade, survives drought, and you can feed it occasionally, but it will be happy with very little pampering." Other species like succulents, some varieties of ivy, and heartleaf philodendron are ideal for corner areas.

Include wood elements throughout the space

Keep things au naturel like Mel's humble abode and decorate your space with wood features and accents. Bestow a rustic vibe throughout the interior with wood flooring and incorporate wood elements onto the walls, ceilings, and doors. Layer different wood types, like pine, oak, maple, or mahogany, in any given room on tables and chairs. A genuine rustic cabin will feature woods in many tones.

Get the cabin feel without the cabin by adding a wood accent wall to the room. Wood accent walls add warmth to a home and make the space more comfortable and welcoming. Choose from a selection of wood slats to arrange a pattern, vertically or horizontally, on the wall. Adopt a similar concept for a recessed ceiling or small bathroom. If you like the look but don't enjoy the idea of wood on the walls or need something renter-friendly, there is a temporary solution just for you. Get the wood look by opting for a peel-and-stick wood plank design wallpaper, as seen at Walmart. Create wood-like walls to mimic the ones in a wooden cabin.

Embrace an eclectic collection of throws

What says cozy better than a bundle of blankets in your home? Decorate your space to look just like Mel's cabin sofa by choosing blankets made of different materials, with patterns in different colors. Don't pick just one but several styles for your home. "Pick taupe, black, or charcoal gray for neutral color palettes and warm colors that pop like deep orange, mustard yellow, or a rich red," interior designer Cathy Hobbs told Realtor. Neutral tones coordinate with most interior palettes, while colorful ones are just the way to add a pop of interest to the space.

Don't just toss the throws anywhere but drape, fold, or cascade them across the sofas, accent chairs, and ottomans. Throw blankets are an easy way to add texture and warmth to a space in the winter. Plus, they're functional and stylish. Adding blankets is usually a fantastic way to make your home feel cozy and welcoming.

Opt for a simple bed frame

Part of the allure inside the cabin Mel rents in "Virgin River" is the simplicity in the forms and finishes of the furnishings. Nothing is mainstream. Even if the bed frame is a no-frills or thrills decorative item, the only requirement is it's uncomplicated — as if that's going to happen in Virgin River. No canopies, sleigh style, or low profile are needed.

Create the ideal rustic-inspired bedroom by adding beautiful vintage decor. Complement your space with a simple frame made of brass that mimics the one seen in the picture above with an inspired piece like this one from Crate & Barrel. A neutral finished bed of brass, copper, or gold blends effortlessly with neutral colors and wood tones. Plus, it's highly adaptable in many interiors. It also gives an old-world feel to a space you may expect from a cabin in the woods. Coordinate the aesthetic with the softest layers of sheets and throws.

Cozy up to soft bed sheets and crafted quilts

When picking a sheet set, take a sham from Mel's bed to use as inspiration in your own home. The bed frame is one piece of the bedding layer, but no bed is actually complete without the right set of sheets and bundles of blankets. Achieve the cozy cabin look in your bedroom by adorning your bed with sheets, just like Mel's. Make the bed with soft sheets with floral designs and throws and quilts to pull over your shoulder when you catch a chill.

Quilts are more than just a blanket for chilly nights. The fabric and stitching make it the ultimate homely element in an interior. According to Pottery Barn, handmade quilts typically feature unique fabric in one-of-a-kind designs. A quilt adds character to a space without necessarily making it feel old-fashioned. A beautiful and practical way to decorate with quilts is by layering them onto the foot of the bed, draped over a chair, or folded on a sofa. You casually want these comfortable layers to be within an arm's reach for you and your guests.

Spruce up your walls with antlers

Taxidermy is a trending design theme, especially in mountainside dwellings. The homes, restaurants, and motels in the drama series "Virgin River" are no exception. Deer, elk, bear, and fish mounts are all possibilities for your wall decor. You can incorporate these features into your look on your terms, no hunting license required.

Get a cabin in the woods vibe by bringing in the nature of the outdoors in ways that work for you and your home. Head mounts are not the only way to capture the rustic environment of the show. Try decorating your space with antlers. They don't have to be authentic or attached to an animal head to fit into your interiors. A faux antler chandelier, like this one available at Pottery Barn, adds rustic decor with visual authenticity, just like in Jack's bar. You can implement antlers in other ways throughout the home, from bookends to casual bowl fillers and shelf decor.

Create a colorful and timeless kitchen

Add a bit of homespun charm to your interior by painting your kitchen cabinets a sophisticated and fun color like the ones behind Jack in the image above. For a "Virgin River"-inspired kitchen, glance beyond the traditional colors like white, black, or gray for cabinetry and try to generate a warm and inviting atmosphere by choosing pastel colors and muted shades. A colorful kitchen is timeless.

Before finalizing a color, consider your specific interior layout and design. Not every paint color will appear the same, as conditions in your home will alter the hues. "It's important to consider the level of natural or artificial light in the kitchen, as this will play an important role in determining the overall feel of the space," Hayley Robson, the creative director at Day True, told Homes & Gardens. Choose colors like robin's egg blue, pale yellow, or soft pink to create a rustic aesthetic. The subtle shades can make an enclosed space feel larger and add character.

Embellish the floor with vintage rugs

A room is incomplete without the proper floor decor. A rug is a necessity in any room for purpose and functionality. The right size area rug creates structure and adds form to a room. Warm your space up with a vintage-style area rug at the entry, in a hallway, office, or living room area of the house. When decorating with rugs, vintage doesn't necessarily mean dated. Vintage-style rugs like the one seen in Doc's medical practice in the image above can transform a space with their patterns, colors, and old-world appeal.

Decorate your floors with rugs that appear 'lived in' to capture the essence of living in a mountain town, nothing too new. What rug you select for the lived-in feel will depend on what's in the room. "You should decorate around a rug or, buy one based on the furniture you already have," Kelly Vittengl, founder of Frances Loom, told Martha Stewart. "Pay attention to the color schemes, whether you want saturated or unsaturated colors, a high or low pile, and the overall design." Persian or oriental style rugs with natural fibers like wool are perfect, as they are durable and withstand wear and tear, especially in high-traffic areas.

Install colorful glass windows

Stained glass windows like the one behind Mel in the image above are for far more than just old churches. These vintage-inspired window treatments can accentuate any interior, old or new. Make a statement in your decor by incorporating the detailed translucent structures into your interior in modern and creative ways like on a door, above a threshold, over a kitchen sink, or a small accent window.

If replacing windows or doors is not an option, consider adding stained glass window film like this one on Amazon for a similar effect. These delicate elements typically have magnificent designs that make them a unique addition to any fan of the show's home. Decorating with a stained glass feature (genuine or adhesive) can offer privacy without hindering light. The design is often transparent enough to allow natural light to shine inside while masking outside views. Take inspiration from a door in Doc's medical office and instantly transform a room's optics in your home with a stain glass feature.

Fill your space with woven textures

When decorating an interior to feel like it belongs in the woods, include elements that create depth and texture. Decorating your home to mirror Mel's shanty shack in Northern California is no different. Develop dimension in your home by decorating with woven accessories like the basket on Mel's table in the image above. Baskets create texture in a home, corral miscellaneous items, and add storage. Hyacinth, seagrass, or wicker baskets are beautiful natural tones that you can mix and match as stunning decorative accents.

"Texture in interior design is all about creating tactile moments that invite touch," Tiffany Leigh from Tiffany Leigh Designs told Homes & Gardens. "It refers to the feel, appearance or consistency of a surface or material. Textures help to keep a space from feeling flat or one dimensional." The texture will cause the eye to pause and take notice. It should draw attention to itself on its own. Baskets help accomplish this and incorporate natural features that pair with the environment.

Design a stone accent wall

Connect to nature by including organic features inside your home. There is no better beauty to incorporate into your interior for the perfect "Virgin River"-inspired look than natural elements like a stone accent wall. This feature is an organic focal point in the living room, just like the one in Mel's cabin. Stone feature walls add a bit of rustic charm to fireplaces, walls, staircases, and entryways. Add depth and dimension to the space and capture the essence of the hit show at home by using a stone veneer instead of natural stone. Stone veneer is budget and economically friendly, texturally appealing, and typically weighs less, per Genstone.

You don't have to live in the mountains to bring the aesthetic to life in your interior. Gather inspiration from natural elements and weave them throughout your existing design scheme. Add a vintage rug to the living room, brighten a space with a set of string lights, create accent walls of stone or wood, or layer blankets across your sofa to get your place as cozy as a cabin in "Virgin River."