The Best Way To Make Your Studio Apartment Seem Bigger

You might be unfamiliar with the layout if you've never lived in a studio apartment. A studio apartment is a living space that encapsulates the living room, kitchen, and bedroom in a combined space. Apartment Ratings says that these apartment types are quickly becoming the preferred renting choice across the country. Studio apartments appeal to renters because they're low-maintenance and offer the benefits of private living space. In addition, because of its size, this type of apartment is significantly less expensive than a one or two-bedroom unit.

Additionally, renters spend less money on electricity since heating, cooling, and lighting a studio requires a smaller amount of energy. The downside of living in such a confined area is the noticeable lack of space, which plays a big role in how comfortable a person feels in the place they call home; however, just because it looks like a small studio apartment doesn't mean it has to feel like a small studio apartment.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

If you're worried about expanding the size of your studio apartment because it's too expensive, don't worry — it actually isn't! You can totally make your place seem bigger even if you're on a budget. Sonoma says putting up mirrors in your living space is a quick and easy way to achieve this seemingly impossible goal. Mirrors give the illusion of substantial room because they fool the eyes into thinking the area is much larger than it actually is, eHow explains.

When there are multiple mirrors in a room, our eyes see the reflections ricocheting off of one another as more space, which is why your studio apartment will look sizable. The Washington Post recommends using a larger mirror than you think because it automatically widens the area. It's also a good idea to hang the mirror directly across from a window to enhance the natural lighting, which creates a bigger-looking space.

Avoid dark colors

Studio apartments already seem cramped, so it's important to avoid any alterations that will make them look smaller. That being said, when you're painting your studio (with your landlord's permission, of course), stay away from dark colors. 1825 Interiors says dark colors make the room look much smaller due to the fact they soak up all the light in a room. This immediately shrinks the size of your apartment. If your walls are already dark, ask your landlord or property manager if you can paint them a lighter, neutral color to open up your small space.

Despite what you may think about white paint, we recommend against using it in a small space. The stark white color highlights the corners and shadows in a room, bringing attention to its boxiness and condensed size. Instead, paint your studio walls a pale yellow to give the illusion that your apartment is bigger than it really is.