The Least Expensive Curtains At IKEA

When it comes to room decor, curtains may not get the most attention, but they can be incredibly important for the room's aesthetic and functionality. Spending a little extra time when choosing curtains for a living room, bedroom, or dining room can go a long way. Centurion Window Fashions suggests paying attention to the fabric and weight to enhance the functionality of the curtains. Lighter fabrics tend to provide a lightweight look and billowing effect that looks casually put together, while thicker fabrics add weight but can also come off too heavy.

Curtains can also get fairly expensive, depending on the fabric and style. They can also get expensive because of the cost to make them. But paying less doesn't mean wanting to give up quality or style. This is why many head to IKEA for affordable prices and stylish designs. These curtains are ideal because they're the least expensive offered by IKEA, but they'll still offer your home a great decor option.

BYMOTT Curtains

If you're looking for curtains that can offer privacy and reduce the light from outside, the BYMOTT curtains can do just that without breaking the bank. The IKEA BYMOTT curtains are just $9.99, so they're the perfect piece to decorate your space on a budget. These curtains come in a white and beige stripe as well as a white and gray stripe that will add a bit of pattern to your space. The BYMOTT curtains will easily slide onto a rod or track, so installation will be a breeze.

The BYMOTT curtains are light filtering, which helps lower the amount of general light coming through the window, but not as much as room darkening and blackout curtains. According to Allure, light filtering curtains are often made of loosely woven fabrics that provide a warm and soothing light to the room. But because they don't remove all light, these curtains may be best for living rooms and dining rooms. Or use them in bedrooms layered with heavier curtains to block out the light.

LILL Lace Curtains

Whether you're decorating your home on a budget or looking for an inexpensive base to build off of, the LILL lace curtains are the most inexpensive curtains from IKEA, costing only $5.99.These curtains are sheer and made of a delicate lace netting that allows plenty of light to shine into the room. There is a slot at the top where a curtain rod can easily slide through. The material is also easy to cut to your desired length and won't need to be hemmed in order to look finished.

Sheer curtains may not always provide a ton of privacy, but they're still a valuable piece of decor for your home. According to Chloe Dominik, sheer curtains can soften a room and make it feel cozier. Sheer curtains allow natural light to shine through but allow you to keep direct sunlight out of your home if wanted. You can also layer sheer curtains with thicker drapery to add visual interest and more privacy to the room.