Top 3 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Feel More Warm And Cozy

There may be plenty of reasons why you find it hard to get out of bed in the morning. One of them could be how cold your house feels. When you compare your cozy bed to the rest of your home, everything else probably seems uncomfortable. This may be especially true in the bathroom. Bathrooms are designed with lots of metals, tiles, and glass — aka, lots of cold materials.

However, your bathroom doesn't have to feel unwelcoming. In fact, you could transform this room into a comfortable space to get ready and wind down, and it will only take a few easy additions. Havenly says that, when styling a bathroom, most people focus on functionality and not design. Being intentional about how you decorate this small room could make you more eager to get out of bed in the morning. Below are the top three ways to make your bathroom feel more warm and cozy.

Add furniture

The first way to add cozy vibes to your bathroom is by choosing the right furniture. Furniture can make your space appear warmer and inviting. When it comes to choosing essential pieces like a vanity and a mirror, consider keeping them warm-toned. For instance, they could be made of natural wood or painted a warm color. Oka suggests using a side table in the bathroom. This could bring comfort to your space while also providing extra storage and a place to set your glass.

A great way to add warmth to your bathroom is with baskets. Wicker materials may look extra attractive. Crate & Barrel says to choose baskets with handles so they're easy to transport. Smaller ones could hold toilet paper and be placed on shelves, while larger ones could hold towels and be placed in the corner. A unique use for a bathroom basket is to hold children's bath toys.

Install a heated towel rack

A heated towel rack will warm your towels and also possibly the air in your bathroom. This easy addition to your space could make you less hesitant to get out of bed in the morning, and it will give you a warm towel to wrap up in when you get out of the shower. According to Costimates, when installed by a professional, the average heated towel rack will cost about $600. However, cheaper plug-in models can be found for under $100. Some of the most luxurious towel warmers come with temperature control settings, a timer, and a feature that automatically turns them on and off.

The Blue Space outlines three types of towel warmers. Electric towel rails are the cheapest and won't heat your bathroom space — they'll only warm your towel. Hydronic and liquid-filled towel rails are heated by water and will also warm the air. A similar but more expensive option to a heated towel rack is installing heated floors. Both these options will add a cozy feel to your bathroom.

Decorative shelving

Lastly, a great way to make your bathroom cozier is by using decorative shelves. Jordécor recommends using floating shelves because they won't take up floor space and could easily be DIY'd. Typically, these are installed above the toilet. You could also add freestanding shelves to your bathroom space. When choosing shelves, keep the width of your wall and the depth of your décor items in mind.

Items like small baskets, candles, jars, towels, books, perfume bottles, plants, soaps, and small art pieces are usually placed on these shelves. If you're using real plants, be sure to choose species that love humid climates. To decorate with these pieces, start by arranging the largest items first, then fill in gaps with the smaller items. The DIY Playbook focuses on decorating bathroom shelves with mostly organizational items, like baskets to hold toilet paper or jars to hold hair accessories or cotton balls.