How To Decorate Your Home Like The Apartment In 2 Broke Girls

If you're looking for a fun and funky way to jazz things up at home, you can use primetime TV as your inspiration. For something truly unique, why not learn how to decorate your home like the apartment in "2 Broke Girls"? This style is eclectic and affordable, giving you the best of both worlds. According to the 2 Broke Girls Wiki, the apartment belongs to Max Black, who, in the pilot episode, invited a down-on-her-luck Caroline Channing to spend one night, which turned into the two of them becoming roommates.

Caroline comes from a wealthy family who lost everything. Her sense of style at the beginning of the show is quite a bit different from Max's, which leads to changes in the apartment over the years. But the furniture and apartment design aren't the only changes the girls go through. Over time, they learn a lot from one another, including how to embrace their dreams and become successful despite their limited resources.

Max and Caroline might have been short on cash, but these girls had tons of style. Their shabby chic decorating could give your home just the sense of reinvention it needs.

Don't be afraid to mix and match your furniture

This wasn't so much a design plan for the two broke girls you're using for inspiration, or at least it wasn't Max's, the apartment's initial resident. Her selections were curbside and thrift store finds she chose to suit a purpose — seating in the living room, for example.

If you're going to use this style in your own home, Tidbits & Twine suggests creating a unified look. There are a few ways you can do this. One is to choose items of all one color, or at least complementary colors. If you can't do that, and even if you can, you should opt for similar shapes so the pieces have the same flow. Scale is also critical. Small items should be paired with similarly sized ones. This is something you see throughout Max and Caroline's space.

Lay-Z-Boy also recommends carefully choosing your colors and patterns when mixing and matching your furniture. Pick no more than two or three colors, and stick with the same intensity. Don't try to mix pastels with jewel tones. If you're using patterns, the same rule applies; don't use more than two or three. And spread them out so it isn't too overwhelming on your guests' eyes.

Choose open shelving in your kitchen, and don't be afraid to fill them up

Usually, when you see open shelving in kitchens, it has a minimalist display. That is not the case with Max's kitchen. Her shelves are cluttered with anything and everything, likely because they are the only space she has to store things. Add Caroline to the mix, and things get even more cramped. But it's a look that works for these two broke girls — and it can work for you, too. 

Lily Ann Cabinets discusses some pros and cons of using open shelves instead of cabinets in your kitchen. Pros include being suitable for small spaces and allowing you to show off your dishes if you have a collection you're particularly proud of. They're also much more affordable to install than cabinets. A con is that they require frequent cleaning. This may not be an issue if your shelves are as stacked as Max and Caroline's. There's just no room for dust to settle. But most people who have open shelving will need to consider this.

Grace In My Space points out that open shelving is customizable. It also works well in places with odd shapes or sizes, or when you have to work around ornate or oversized range hoods.

Install retro decorative fixtures like wall phones (aka landlines)

In a blast from the past, Max has a landline wall phone in her apartment. She never answered it for fear of bill collectors or a call from the actual apartment owner, since the girls were essentially squatting. But it certainly added to the joie de vivre of the apartment.

You're in luck if you want this look in your own home. They are back in style, in all the gorgeous colors retro decor and appliances are known for. And according to the The Wall Street Journal, these phones of former glory are sturdy and have better sound and functionality than your current cell phone.

If you're looking for one in avocado green like the one on "2 Broke Girls," you can find one similar on Etsy. A choice like this will really make your home stand out. But if you're looking for more traditional colors, SmithGear offers red, black, white, and tan versions for around $70. And they are popular enough right now to get from most retailers, including Target, Pottery Barn Teen, Williams Sonoma, eBay, and many more.

Build a headboard that's as comfortable as it is beautiful

This was a genius move on Max's part. She installed three giant pillows to use as a headboard for her bed. She may or may not have started the trend, but it has become popular nonetheless. One reason for this may be that it is easy and economical. Etsy has some higher-end versions, including this option that consists of one large cushion you can hang as your headboard, but it's on the pricier side. If you're looking for something more in Max and Caroline's budget, you could try making a tufted headboard that Food 52 claims is basically just the biggest pillow on your bed. Or you could go the route Max did, invest in a few large cushions, and make a DIY headboard.

If you choose the latter option, SF Gate has some tips. First, consider what look you're trying to create and select your pillows accordingly. Overstuffed throw or European-style pillows create a fluffy look, while square-edged cushions make for a more tailored appearance. Next, decide how you want to hang those cushions. Dowel rods are the easiest and least expensive, but curtain rods also work well and come in more ornate versions for a decorative touch. Next, decide the preferred height for your headboard and adhere screws to studs where possible. Opt for molly-point bolts anchored in a metal sheath if you don't have studs you can use.

An added benefit to this option is that you can change the cushions based on your personal preferences or even the seasons.

Create counter space with a kitchen island

Another thing that is lacking in Max and Caroline's apartment is counter space. They've fixed this with a kitchen island that does double-duty. The top serves as a countertop, while the shelves underneath provide much-needed storage.

You can recreate this look in your home in one of two ways. Plenty of places sell them pre-made, but you can make your own if they're not your style or out of your budget. Nina Hendrick explains how she and her husband built their kitchen island practically from scratch. If you're not quite so crafty, you can start with old desks, consoles, or other furniture you have on hand or find while thrifting. Blue Roof Cabin created a kitchen island using an old industrial cart and oak table. The cart was a thrift store find, and the top was a section of an old oak table with a 1.5-inch butcher block top. She painted a board on the front of the industrial cart with a milk paint design, but you can decorate your version any way you like.

Go for whitewashed wood walls and beams

Another great aspect of the girls' apartment is all that whitewashed wood. There's the wall that Caroline's Murphy bed drops out of, as well as wood beams that run from the floor to the ceiling on either side of the kitchen island with that same gorgeous finish.

If you're looking to create this in your own home, there are a couple of options. If you already have wood in your home, Maison de Pax can teach you how to whitewash it and completely change its appearance. If you don't have wood in your home or don't want the work of whitewashing it yourself, you can install already whitewashed planks. Home Depot offers white birch peel-and-stick wall planks. These will let you change the appearance of one wall in your home or all of them. It's a beautiful and unique way to add an accent wall.

If you're installing them in a room where water or condensation may be an issue, you can find tiles that look like whitewashed wood. Build with Ferguson has a peel-and-stick version that's textured to look just like the wood you would use anywhere else in your apartment. But it's water safe and an excellent way to add accent walls in bathrooms and kitchens.

Filter daylight with bamboo shades

Bamboo shades are a cost-effective way to filter out light. If you're Max and Caroline, they're a great choice because they're so economical, though they can leave you lacking privacy. recommends adding liners or pairing them with curtains to keep prying eyes and bright lights out of spaces like your bedroom. If you choose liners, you have a few options based on your tastes and possibly your work schedule. If you aren't a sun-lover or perhaps are a night-shift worker, you can add blackout liners. If you prefer a little more light in your life, use a light-filtering liner that allows some light through without leaving you as exposed as standard bamboo blinds. When it comes to liners, you also have the option of attached or moveable liners. The benefit of attached liners is they close out any gaps. Moveable liners allow for more flexibility. You can raise or lower just the liners or blinds to customize the look.

Pairing the shades with curtains instead adds a dramatic flair and helps soften the look of the blinds. It also lets you pull those curtains over the blinds to seal out the light or nosey neighbors. And like your liners, the weight, texture, and color can affect how much light comes into or stays out of your space.

Keep it cool and calm with shades of green and blue

From the pillows and decorations to the color of the walls, there are lots of blues and greens in Max and Caroline's apartment. These colors are ideal for the girls who work as waitresses because they are calming. Anyone who has worked in customer service will tell you nothing about those jobs is easy, so having a place to come home to that's relaxing can make all the difference.

According to The Zoe Report, blue is most often associated with calm and tranquility, which could make it a restful option for the bedroom. Teal, another color that appears throughout the "2 Broke Girls" apartment, is typically associated with optimism. But don't rush to paint or decorate with these colors in the hopes of evoking a mood. Colors are also tied to personal memories, so it's best to consider your emotions before jumping into a new color scheme in your home. Brunswick Crossing points out that green is also a soothing color that people associate with the earth, which can help you feel grounded.

If you're uncertain or not quite ready to go all out and put these colors on your walls the way Max and Caroline have, Finding Sea Turtles recommends adding accent pieces in these colors. If you're comfortable with them and like the new vibe of your home, feel free to add more or even break out the paint cans and rollers.

Use street art as wall art

Max and Caroline have an assortment of items they use as wall art. Among them are metal street signs that were likely repurposed or rehomed from their previous locations. But if you don't have access to these things, you can create them yourself.

If you're looking for something fun to go with that retro wall phone, Scavenger Chic has instructions on how to make a retro phone booth sign. It's done with stencils and pallet wood. For something a bit more eclectic, you can try creating this circus sign from Lil Blue Boo. It'll require a lot more work than you'll have to put in for the phone booth sign, but it's steeped in character that will have you channeling Max and Caroline in no time. Lastly, if you have the funds to go high-end, you could invest in a traditional street sign from Venice, Italy. Known to the locals as nizioleti, these were originally painted on the sides of buildings, and, in many parts of the capital city that floats in the lagoon, they still are. You can get a version of the original from Artemest, but at $645, you won't be buying it on a "2 Broke Girls" budget.

Save space with a Murphy bed

It's no surprise that Murphy beds are great space savers, and so it stands to reason that Max and Caroline would have one. But a Murphy bed can be a great addition to your home even if you aren't in a small space. Especially now, with people working from home. Organized Interiors points out the versatility of Murphy beds. You can get them in a variety of sizes, wood finishes, and even customized so they're part of a cabinetry unit — meaning you should have no problem finding the perfect Murphy bed for you. And surprisingly, you can even take these with you when you move, so long as you use professionals for the task.

If you're on a DIY roll, this is another place where you can build your own version. For inspiration, by Brittany Goldwyn provides detailed plans on the Murphy bed she and her husband designed and constructed in their spare room. This allowed one extra room in their house to function as a den, playroom, office, and a guest room after their daughter was born. Designers like Murphy Beds of San Diego demonstrate the space-saving Murphy beds offer. For example, if you work from home but don't have a spare room for a home office, a Murphy bed allows you to put away the bed and free up space during office hours. Max and Caroline may not have worked remote, but if you do and live in a small space, a combination Murphy bed and desk could be a godsend.

Create a colorful kitchen and choose retro appliances

Like so many other places in the "2 Broke Girls" apartment, the kitchen was full of color. If you follow the show, you'll remember the episode where Max wanted that great purple, top-of-the-line stove. But you may not remember that the stove she was replacing was a vintage, not-quite-mustard shade of yellow. And since everything old is popular again, you can find plenty of easter egg-colored appliances on the market. Hadley Court points out that colorful appliances are all the rage these days, and those candy-colored appliances that your parents and grandparents had are making a comeback in a big way. Big Chill appliances are one option that runs toward the higher end of the price range. They come in retro styles and colors, notably pastels. If you're looking for a calm, cool, earthy, and optimistic vibe in your kitchen, there is even a teal version available.

In fact, teal played a big role in the girls' apartment. There are those cushions in Max's bedroom, as well as a lighter shade of teal on the wall by the front door. And of course, the kitchen island that the girls use as one of their countertops. The fridge may be white but it's still retro, at least in shape and style. But this, and the white subway tile on the kitchen walls, helps break up the myriad of colors that otherwise constitute Max and Caroline's kitchen.