The Best Way To Maximize A Small Garage

A garage is a great way to keep your car out of the elements, but what can you do when you want to park your vehicle in this small area and still use it for storage space? Think vertically. Look at the items you store in your garage and consider how often you actually use them. Chances are, there are few things in there that you use on a daily or even weekly basis. As you reorganize, separate the items you need to access frequently from those you do not.

According to Closet and Storage Concepts, installing storage racks on the garage's ceiling is a great way to get those rarely used items out of the way. You can safely store large items like ladders or seasonal sports equipment like kayaks when not in use, but this is not the only available vertical space for storage. Your garage walls, from floor to ceiling, are useful for storage — it just requires some creative thinking.

Add a slat wall

Slat wall storage is an attractive and functional option to add vertical storage space to your garage. This product is similar to a pegboard in that you can use it to hang tools and other items on the wall, but the slat panel is more flexible and attractive, according to A Closet Gallery. In addition, this product is sturdy enough to hang heavier items like bikes and folding chairs without warping or buckling. Since you can keep almost anything on the slat wall, you could add this product to your garage for an attractive and uniform look.

If you want more variety or are on a budget for your garage organization, there are other options. For instance, pegboard is economically friendly, can be trimmed to fit any space, and is easy to find at most hardware stores. You can also paint it any color to enhance the look of your space. This product is a good option for hanging tools you use regularly, garden hand tools, and lightweight cleaning supplies like brooms and mops, keeping them off the floor and out of your way. If you store long-handled garden tools in your garage, consider installing heavy-duty hooks for heavier items like shovels and rakes.

Add shelving

Install shelving on the upper part of your garage for items you need to keep but do not often use. This is a good option for products like paint cans, keepsake boxes, or holiday decorations. If you have the room, you can install wooden shelving from floor to ceiling for extra storage, but if your garage is too small, consider installing one or two top shelves around the perimeter of your space for an overhead depot. According to Stanley, this is an excellent option when looking to add a lot of efficient storage space.

To do this project yourself, you will need some experience with power tools and an understanding of how to securely fasten shelves to a wall. Of course, the last thing you want is all those boxes and paint cans falling on your car! However, a trustworthy handyman can do this job within a day if you're unsure of your skills or don't have the time — an excellent investment for your peace of mind, along with the benefits of a decluttered garage.