What Is The Color-Washed Paint Trend?

Sometimes it feels impossible to follow the latest home decor trends. As more home design aesthetics become acceptable, more design tactics have been introduced, such as accent walls that are created with contrasting colors or wallpaper. Other trends have helped add a touch of class, such as the waterfall island, where kitchen islands are transformed as the countertop extends over the side for a more dramatic visual. However, there's a simple paint trend that may be the perfect design change you've been looking for.

The color-washed paint trend may be what you're looking for, especially if you're going for something rustic or contemporary, depending on the colors you use. Dunn-Edwards Paints says years ago when the plaster walls began to age, homeowners would add a new layer of plaster with a fresh coat. However, the outcome was rough, and the brushstrokes were visible. Now, this has become a popular home design technique to create a new and unique look for your residence.

How to execute the technique

HGTV says you'll first start off by prepping the walls. This is done by painting on a base coat and allowing it to dry afterward. In a different container, you will then mix one part of your top coat colors, one part water, and one part latex glaze. You'll then use a damp cheesecloth to create a damp area on the wall, as well as add a bit of paint mixture. You'll then use your sheepskin to rub the wall in round movements while fanning out the edges. Don't put too much paint mixture, as it won't give you the sophisticated style you're going for.

Once finished, you'll grab a dry brush to spread out the dark areas until you can see the brush lines. You may have to repeat this a few times before you complete your project. If you need to do any touch-ups, wait until the wall is completely dry. In order to fix any mishaps, you'll have to dilute eight parts of base coat paint with one part of water; grab your brush and softly drag it across any lines, and tone out the color with a dry brush.