The Least Expensive Armchairs At IKEA

When one thinks of IKEA, one normally thinks about all of the furniture and accessories the global store has to offer. However, there is an interesting backstory on how this company came to be. According to Forbes, IKEA was first established in 1943 in Sweden by a 17-year-old boy named Ingvar Kamprad. Almost two centuries later, the company now has over 400 stores in over 50 different markets. Out of all of the stores in operation, almost 70% of them are located in Europe. However, IKEA tends to sell more products in both Germany and the United States. In 2021, they built 19 more stores, with one of them residing in India, a first for this country.

For customers that don't have a store nearby, they choose to shop online. This seems to be paying off as IKEA had 2.5 billion visits online in 2018 compared to only having 957 million in-store visits. It's no question as to why this store is widely popular considering they have almost 10K products available. Ranging from sofas to tables, there is not much you won't find there in terms of home furnishings. Of course, their prices vary substantially as well. You might find yourself spending a few hundred on some items while spending less than $20 on others. If you're in need of an armchair but don't want to break the bank, here are two of the least expensive options you can choose from.

PELLO's unique armchair

For those wanting a modern simple chair at a low price, PELLO has you covered. Currently, this chair is available for just less than $65. This chair is perfect for those with a natural tone aesthetic as the base of this chair is a dark tan while this seating itself is a lighter shade of tan. While this chair has several dimensions across its entirety, the most important one to know is that its seating is 55 cm wide and 50 cm in depth. The chair itself sits at 96 cm tall, making this perfect for those of all sizes. It has a slightly bent shape to it which provides back and neck support. While being super lightweight, this chair is simple enough to be paired with many other items, including a light brown end table or ottoman.

For those wondering about reviews, this product has been reviewed around 60 times and has been given a four out of five-star rating. 31 of these reviews were five-star ratings, while 18 were four-star. A 4.5 rating was given for installation, while 4.3 stars were given for its value for money. A rating of 4.1 was given for product quality, 4.4 for appearance, and 4.2 stars for working as expected. Of course, if the chair no longer works the way it was intended, there is a 10-year limited warranty included in the purchase.

POÄNG's armchair for kids

Similar to PELLO's armchair, POÄNG is one for kids. At almost $55, this chair is great for natural aesthetics as well as for adding something simple to an ever-evolving room. The chair has a nice light wooden base with light beige-colored seating. Additionally, the seating is removable from the chair itself for a quick wash and dry. This is extremely convenient for parents as it is a kid's chair, after all, so it's bound to get dirty. The seating part of this chair is 15 inches wide and 14 inches in depth. However, perfect for younger kids, it sits at just over 26 inches tall. It is also designed with a bend in place to help support a child's neck and back as they continue to grow.

Reviews for this chair aren't as popular as it has only been reviewed a total of 19 times. However, these reviews are quite impressive. Overall, it has a 4.8 out of a five-star rating. 4.8 stars were given for the ease of assembly, and 4.5 stars were given for its value for the money. A rating of 4.7 was given for product quality, 4.8 stars for the appearance, and 4.7 for working as expected. If you choose to order this chair rather than picking it up at a store, please keep in mind that you will receive two packages: one for the frame and one for the cushion seating.