Home Accessories You'll Want If You're A Ravenclaw

The "Harry Potter" franchise is one of the most successful fantasy stories out there, with the books selling over 500 million copies internationally, per WordsRated. Considering how wildly popular the series is, it's no wonder that some people may want to incorporate certain aspects of the wizarding world into their daily life, including their home decor.

Die-hard fans may want to bring elements of Hogwarts into their home's interior to reflect their personality, personal values, and overall aesthetic. Ravenclaws, for example, are the house of intelligence, valuing creativity, originality, wit, curiosity, and logic (via Fantasy Topics). The house colors are blue and bronze, and Luna Lovegood is one of the most famous Ravenclaws in the series. If you want to add touches of Ravenclaw house to your home, you should know what reflects those virtues and characteristics. Similarly, you can take inspiration from the Ravenclaw common room. Read on for a list of great home decor accessories for a magical Ravenclaw home.

Display your house crest

One of the first home decor ideas for a Ravenclaw-inspired home is simply adding the Ravenclaw crest. The house crest can be found in many different styles but will always feature an eagle with shades of blue and bronze — the house's mascot and colors. There are various sellers of hanging crests, both fan-made and official, such as the one sold by Universal Orlando Resort.

However, a hanging wood or metal crest is not the only option available. For a more streamlined and affordable option, consider looking for a poster with the Ravenclaw house crest. You can find this item from both mass-produced and individual sellers. Elevate the look of a simple poster by framing it as wall art, advises WindowShopGal. They also recommend opting for larger poster sizes, if available, and matching the colors of your home to the poster to make it look like a natural addition.br

Install floating shelves

Ravenclaws are known for being studious bookworms. You've likely accumulated a pretty sizable book collection that deserves to be displayed. While a traditional bookshelf works well, you can streamline the appearance of your book collection while filling up wall space with floating shelves.

Floating shelves are essentially shelves with no visible hardware or support brackets, per Shelfology. The bracket is still there, but the shelf is installed over it, hiding it instead of sitting on top. Some floating shelves are smaller and thinner, meant to hold a couple of figurines or decorative books. Others are larger and can display a significant part of your book collection. As a bonus, you can add other decorative items like lamps, candles, and more alongside your book collection. Use multiple smaller shelves designed like a wall collage and stacked shelves in empty corners or blank walls for a chic and studious display (via Hardwood Lumber Company).

Decorate with eagle figurines

The eagle is the symbol of Ravenclaw house, displayed on the front and center of the house crest. According to Wizarding World, the eagle represents Ravenclaw values like immortality and strength. A bronze eagle door knocker appears on the doors leading into the Ravenclaw common room.

Take inspiration from this Hogwarts design choice and bring eagles into your own home. You can go traditional and represent Ravenclaw colors with a bronze eagle figurine, opt for a realistic replica of the winged animal, or look for a more artistic clay or soapstone eagle. There are plenty of ways to incorporate eagles, and any animal figurine for that matter, into your home. Ensure the colors coordinate with the rest of your decor, especially the pieces next to it (via The Town Framery & Gifts). Avoid adding a realistic eagle figurine to a sleek, monochromatic, and minimalist room. On the flip side, you can use the figurine as a statement piece on a coffee or dining table.

Add a bronze mirror

Since bronze is one of the two house colors, emphasizing the hardware finish in your home in any capacity will help amplify the Ravenclaw energy. One great bronze home accessory to display in your home is a mirror. Not only are mirrors practical, but they represent Ravenclaw values like wisdom, awareness, and self-reflection, per Mirrorworld Blog.

Another great thing about mirrors and bronze is how versatile they both are. You can choose from multiple bronze mirror styles to fit your interior decor taste (via Storables). For a more dramatic, eccentric space, opt for a vintage looking glass with a thick frame. Modern and minimalist interiors pair well with simple, thin framed mirrors. You can also save money on expensive bronze hardware by repurposing mirrors you already have. Cover the mirror in painter's tape or newspaper and use bronze spray paint for a chic and thrifty alternative. Hang it above a fireplace or lean it against the wall for a cool, undone look.

Collect antique knickknacks

Hogwarts is an ancient castle, and the interiors feature plenty of antique decorations, especially the library. While each house at the school has a similar ornate style, no household is as true to the aesthetic as Ravenclaw. While Ravenclaws prefer a clean, modern, and sleek style, the cluttered, eccentric vintage decor is also popular.

One easy and relatively cost-efficient way to achieve this look is to take a trip to your local thrift or antique store and look for as many unique, vintage items as possible. Animal figurines, old lamps, clocks, vases, and books will add to the maximalist feel. To keep the clutter organized instead of chaotic, Style by Emily Henderson recommends having a few large items to set in the middle of smaller items, such as frames and book stacks. Add your large statement item, and then place a few of your smaller items around it, being sure not to go overboard. Try sticking to a cohesive color scheme to keep things from becoming overwhelming.

Embrace blue throw blankets

A great and subtle way to bring some Ravenclaw style into your home is to incorporate the classic blue color. While there are plenty of options on how to do this, one home accessory that is both visually pleasing and practical is a classic throw blanket.

Throw blankets are also very versatile. You can add a dramatic, thick knit blanket, a fun blanket with tassels or pom-poms, a cozy velvet throw, or a classic flannel. You have plenty of blue shades to choose from to match the rest of your furniture and decor. Finally, there are many options on how to style your blanket. According to Thistlewood Farm, you can drape it over the back of a couch or the arm of a chair, display them over a blanket basket, folded up, on a stool or shelf, on an entry stool, on the corner of your bed, or folded over a ladder.

Set the mood with unique desk lamps

For your late-night study or reading sessions, you'll need adequate lighting. A desk lamp is a great way to express your Ravenclaw personality. There are endless lighting possibilities, each with its own style and design. A classic banker's lamp will add a scholarly and official atmosphere to your home office or living room. It will also dazzle with a pop of bronze or gold color.

A sleek, modern lamp is ideal for a Ravenclaw's home. A dazzling Tiffany lamp will add a unique, vintage touch to the creative and eccentric Ravenclaw's home. For a one-of-a-kind lighting option, Houzz recommends making your own. Find a chic item at a thrift or antique store and turn it into a lamp. Those with technical skills can easily wire up a light bulb and install a lamp shade on old jars or atop statues, but specialty lamp stores will likely be able to help with the process, too.

Light some candles

Candles are a great addition to every house, offering the potential to create unique environments that activate multiple senses. Amplify your home for a light night reading session or an optimally energizing desk with scents for Ravenclaws. Osmology recommends invigorating candle scents like rosemary, jasmine, lemon, lavender, and coffee, alone or in combination. Hot Topic also sells a Ravenclaw-themed candle with scents like citrus, iris, lotus, musk, and vanilla, as well as a unique Ravenclaw design.

You can also use candles to decorate a space. Candlesticks are a great way to add some organized clutter and create a welcoming and intimate environment — perfect for the creative Ravenclaw. Choose multiple candlesticks of varying heights, shapes, sizes, and colors (via Anderson + Grant). To keep things from becoming too overwhelming, opt for similar finishes for the candlesticks, or vary the candle colors. For an authentic Ravenclaw vibe, look for brass candlesticks and blue candles, or vice versa.

Get creative with letter boards

There are numerous ways to express yourself, your beliefs, and your thoughts in home decor, including motivational quote posters and canvas wall art. Those can get old, though. Creative and quick-witted Ravenclaw will benefit from something a bit more customizable.

An ideal home accessory for Ravenclaws is a letter board. As the name suggests, letter boards feature slats for letters, letting you display custom messages. There are endless opportunities for what to write, including inspirational quotes, song and movie lyrics, funny messages, poems, family or household notes, and single words, per Moda Misfit. You can stand letter boards on a table or shelf or hang them on a wall. They're available in various sizes and colors. They're most commonly found with a wood border and black backdrop and are square-shaped, but they are also available in large rectangles, with multiple border colors and background colors including white, pink, blue, and more.

Tie everything together with a statement rug

One classic and functional home accessory is a simple rug. This piece is an ideal opportunity for Ravenclaw's expression. The founder and creative director of Designers Guild, Tricia Guild, told Homes & Gardens, "Each pattern has its own character and consider this when using them — a damask has a more classical feel whereas a pictorial scene tells a story and adds a whimsical spirit to your space." For an old-school look, opt for a dramatic rug with bold colors. A trendier Ravenclaw may go for a multicolored, abstract pattern.

Blue rugs can work wonders in your living space. Jodie Hatton, a designer with Brintons, said, "The color creates an energetic, cheerful atmosphere, making it ideal for lively, social spaces." Take it up a notch and look for a blue rug with touches of brass or gold tones, such as this one from Wayfair. Similarly, with patterns, you can opt for a subtle, more gray-toned blue for an understated blue pop or go bold with a deep royal blue.

Fill your home with Ravenclaw wall art

Aside from official merchandise, there is a plethora of fan-produced art to help you display Ravenclaw pride in your living space. There are almost endless options, especially from commissioned-based artists, including replications of Ravenclaw images like the Grey Lady or more abstract and inspired artwork like this one from Etsy.

If you don't want to overwhelm your space with Ravenclaw-themed wall art, you can look for Ravenclaw-inspired art pieces. You can interpret the theme in different ways, including blue or bronze art, images of eagles or other birds, and otherwise studious or creative pictures. Jane at Home recommends using blue as an accessory color with light and neutral tones and gold (or, for Ravenclaws, bronze) hardware for a fresh and bright look. You can also consider adding a slight coastal feel to make a space feel refreshed for long study or work sessions. Blue and white stripes will make this vision a reality.

Hang up blue curtains

Fans of "Harry Potter" will remember Professor Dumbledore telling a young Harry Potter about the time he accidentally set his bed curtains on fire in the boys' dormitory. The velvet bed curtains surrounding the plush beds in Hogwarts dorms are a staple of the castle's decor, and decorating with velvet curtains can help bring a sense of the magical realm to your home.

While they don't have to be bed curtains, blue velvet curtains will add to the Ravenclaw vibes in your home. Lushes Curtains Blog praises velvet curtains for being gorgeous and practical, creating a luxurious atmosphere while keeping your home warm. Blue velvet curtains, specifically, lend a sense of sophistication and calmness. Use dark blue velvet curtains in your Ravenclaw room transformation (via A Beautiful Mess). They will blend excellently with a dark blue accent wall and touches of bronze and gold hardware in a magically themed room.

Incorporate eclectic artwork

Ravenclaws share similar values, including intelligence, determination, and wisdom. One of the house's defining characteristics is creativity. An ideal way to express this trait in your living space is through art, specifically from independent artists who create one-of-a-kind works. Analytic Ravenclaw will also enjoy investing in fine art, which can offer an average return of 7.9 percent, per RBC Wealth Management.

Whether you buy a smaller, more inexpensive print from an individual seller on Etsy or an expensive piece of fine art from a gallery or auction, you should buy what you want because you love it, not because of the potential return or current trends (via The Artling). You will be the one looking at it, day after day. Look for art and artists you like and connect with, set a personal budget, and, if a long-term investment is a priority, consider buying rarer, less produced pieces of art for your home.

Dazzle with bronze coasters

Coasters are a lovely addition to your home decor, offering a practical solution to condensation rings and an opportunity to express yourself. For a touch of Ravenclaw flair, consider looking for bronze or bronze-toned coasters. Antique stores will likely have authentic bronze coasters for sale, but there are also modern designs on the market, like this set from West Elm.

If you don't want to go the bronze route, you can also express your Ravenclaw creativity by making your own coasters. Use your coasters to create a customized message by designing chalkboard coasters for your living room. For this DIY, Hello Lidy says you will need cork coasters from a dollar or craft store, chalk paint, and a paintbrush. Paint at least two coats of paint on your coasters, letting them dry between each coat. Use chalk to write witty custom messages, assign drinks to guests, and more.