5 Bold Ways To Decorate With Teal

When decorating a room, many people lean into the safety of neutrals. However, while an all-neutral palette can look stunning, maybe you want to create some extra interest in your space. A great way to create excitement is by adding a splash of vibrant color. If you're looking for a bold accent color to add to your home, consider teal.

A mix of blue and green, this shade will bring soothing and nature-esque vibes into your space. ZXI Interior Decoration says that teal can feel uplifting and bright. It will definitely become the focal point in a mostly neutral room. Another benefit of teal is that it can look cohesive with many different colors, even other bold tones. And, it will create a unique space that isn't bland or boring. If you're considering adding teal to a room in your home, here are five ways to decorate with this bold color.

Add a bold teal wall

The first way you could incorporate teal into your space is by adding a bold accent wall. Painting or wallpapering a wall with teal can create a focal point in your space. PPG Paints advises adding a feature wall to a bland or small room to add extra interest. Also, when designing your space, make sure to keep the furniture along an accent wall to a minimum, as lots of furniture can make a space feel overwhelming. They also say that teal can be a great accent color because it feels soothing and luxurious, and it can make a room feel larger. 

Applying teal wallpaper to an accent wall will add extra dimension, texture, and color to your space, per Walls Republic. Wallpaper is also durable, easy to wash, and will protect the wall's surface. And, with peel and stick wallpaper, it's fairly easy to apply and remove.

Pair with another bold color

Using teal in a neutral space will create vibrancy. However, to add even more boldness, pair teal with another bold color. There are a number of colors that go beautifully with teal in interior design. Impressive Interior Design recommends mixing teal with gold for an expensive and luxurious appearance. Gold could be incorporated into a space through furniture pieces or hardware. Another color to mix with teal is a light pink shade. This will add softness and comfort to a space. Mixing blue and teal will create a tropical vibe in a space and will emphasize teal's connotations with nature.

For a less bold but still very cohesive look, you could mix sophisticated gray and teal. Adding black will also create an elegant feel. Designing Idea says that cream, beige, and tan in a teal room will bring in a warm and soothing feeling and will let the teal accents really shine. An orange rust could also be combined with teal to create an interesting dynamic.

Incorporate color blocking

Color blocking with teal can make a space look especially intentional and cohesive. Love To Know says that color blocking is creating different shapes with color to create interest in a space. This could be done with neutrals but typically also incorporates bold colors. It could be done on the walls, through geometric furniture, or displayed through different patterns. The above room incorporates color blocking through the wood paneling on the wall and the rectangular planter tables. 

When completing a color-blocked space, the colors you choose are especially important. Dr. Prem advises choosing an odd number of colors — two neutrals and one bold color is common. If you want more than one bold color, you could use one of teal's interesting options, like pink, gold, or blue. Multiple colors could be used on one wall to create color blocking in a room, which would add an extra unique dynamic. 

Choose teal furniture

Colorful furniture can also elevate any space. To create a bold look, choose teal furniture. Star Furniture says that colored pieces will brighten and add texture to a space while also creating a place for the eyes to be drawn to. They recommend using pieces such as wall art, an accent chair, or an ottoman.

DIY With Christine says that mixing and matching furniture is the way to go. You could always buy a matching set with all the same colored pieces, but mismatching will create extra interest and a more eclectic look. When choosing different furniture pieces, make sure they all complement each other without perfectly matching. Therefore, to incorporate teal, you could choose a main teal accent piece and surround it with other colored or neutral pieces. Mixing wooden and teal furniture will create a soothing nature vibe. Or, you could mix teal with its complementary color pink to add depth to a room.

Lay a teal area rug

An area rug serves to anchor the furniture in a space, per Watsons. When the rug is a bold color, it becomes the focal point and adds more personality. A bold area rug can also make a space appear warmer and more inviting, and it will add texture to a space to make it more interesting.

When choosing the color of your rug, don't feel like it needs to perfectly match the other colors in a space. For instance, if your space already has a teal accent chair and you want to add a teal area rug, the shades don't need to appear identical. Rugs 2 Go says that keeping within the same color family without perfectly aligning the colors will make the space appear cohesive. You can also make a rug feel intentional in a space by matching it with smaller pieces like throw pillows and blankets.