The Unexpected Item You Can Use To Keep Silver From Tarnishing

We all have a special case of good silver stored safely for special occasions. However, taking it out to see it's tarnished can be heartbreaking. According to the Sheffield Assay Office, the copper in sterling silver combines with sulfur-containing gases in the air to generate a coating of the compound copper sulfide, which is what makes the material tarnish. 

Sterling silver is an alloy that consists of silver and base metals such as copper. Even though it tarnishes less easily, pure silver will still react with sulfur to produce silver sulfide. In addition, the color of the tarnish that forms on silver changes as the tarnishing process continues due to a phenomenon known as "thin film interference." This means that the light that strikes the tiny layer of corrosion on the silver splits into two reflections, one off the top surface and the other beneath the tarnish. Some of the colors are lost because of interference when the light from the top and bottom of the plaque recombines.

Luckily, there is a secret tip that you may never have thought of to keep your silver from being tarnished. Keep reading to find out how this secret hack works.

Chalk to combat tarnish

As HuffPost mentions, storing your silverware with some chalk will keep the items looking as good as new. They recommend wrapping some chalk with some cheesecloth and placing it with your silver. It's a cheap and effective way to save yourself the trouble of having to replace your expensive silver. A pretty handy tip, isn't it?

According to Sheffield Assay Office, chalk absorbs moisture and prevents it from gathering in your silver storage box or case. Wrapping your silver will ensure it doesn't touch the chalk, which will still do its job effectively. They also note that it's equally important to make sure you don't store your silver somewhere humid or hot, such as in an attic or basement. Keeping it in a dry space such as a drawer or cabinet will keep it as safe as possible while ensuring the chalk takes care of the moisture that does get in.

Store the silver properly

Something Borrowed explains that there are more steps you can take to make sure your silver is maintained. For example, they emphasize the importance of avoiding storing your silver in units that include plastic or rubber or are made of these materials. You must also ensure that chemicals don't come into contact with your silver. For example, cosmetics may react with your silver jewelry so ensure you keep them separately. Also, storing each piece of silver individually will prevent scratches, which might occur if you keep many pieces together in the same place.

According to TheWifeChoice, there are, in fact, a few household items that can also help you get rid of tarnish if it does occur. You can use laundry detergent, cornstarch, ketchup, and even hand sanitizer. These are all items you might have around your house! Lemon-lime soda, window cleaner, and hair conditioner are also great.