What Is A Mini-Split Air Conditioner?

Air conditioners have grown to become an essential part of modern homes. But beyond the simple comfort an air conditioner can supply to you and your home, Doctor HVAC claims that they are also essential for a healthy living environment. For example, air conditioners provide your home with a better quality of air, which can reduce the amount of dust, bacteria, and other allergens that may be floating around and causing colds, coughs, headaches, and other bodily discomforts. Keeping your home cool with an air conditioner has also been proven to improve sleep, reduce and prevent mold growth, decrease work stress, and reduce the build-up of odor and fumes within your home.

Whether you're looking to upgrade your current air conditioner or just haven't gotten around to installing one, there are various types you can choose to best fit your home (per CIELO). One of the most popular air conditioners you can install is a central air conditioning unit. Although this air conditioning unit is perfect for larger homes, it is expensive and doesn't tend to fit well in smaller or multi-family homes (per KCS Heating and Air). Fortunately, the mini-split air conditioner is another great option you can consider for your home. Let's take a closer look at this air conditioner.

The mini-split air conditioner

A mini-split air conditioner is a ductless heating and cooling system that is installed separately into each room inside your home. Unlike a central air conditioning unit, Reliable Heating and Air notes that a mini-split air conditioner is exclusive to each room or area it is located inside. This means you can adjust it to your desired temperature without changing the temperature of the entire home. Although this system may not be the best for large homes, it is perfect for small apartments or multi-family homes.

Reliable Heating and Air explains that the system operates by sucking in the air surrounding the unit, then running it over heated or cooling refrigerant coils before releasing it back out into the room. During this process, the unwanted temperature will then be transferred to the outdoor portion of the unit and expelled. Unfortunately, because this system is ductless, the unit will have to be installed inside your home, which may not be the best for aesthetics. But if you can work past the appearance, these units are easy to install, provide a better quality of air, and are very energy efficient.