Syd And Shea McGee Reveal Why Texture Is Essential In Any Room

Designing a home can be overwhelming, as each design in each space needs to create an overall harmonious design. Homeowners can achieve this by following several elements of design, such as scale, balance, proportion, rhythm, and texture. Introducing different types of fabrics and materials in a space is crucial because it can help create whatever atmosphere you're trying to produce. You can do this in a variety of ways, such as tossing in a fluffy throw blanket, purchasing textures vases, or even adding texture to your wall with shiplap.

Many homeowners may not realize why texture is so important, but Syd and Shea McGee both know the importance of texture based on their own professional experience, according to their website. As co-hosts of "Dream Home Makeover," the McGee's have worked with families to create the most beautiful design possible — here's why they say adding texture is essential.

Neutral designs fall flat without texture

It's no secret that the McGee's love a white kitchen, but how do they keep it from looking bland and sterile? Texture is what keeps their designs alive, as it promotes more dimension to a space, according to their website. A white kitchen is a classic look that can last years, but adding some sort of interest is necessary so that you, as the homeowner, don't get sick of it. They note that texture is especially crucial in bringing dimension to neutral rooms.

Circle Furniture agrees, noting if homeowners avoid adding much-needed texture to their home, their overall design will look flat. You can add dimension in many ways, such as layering textures in one space. In a living room, you can layer on different textured pillows on a sofa. In any other room, you can add some plants to add texture, a pop of color, and a feeling of warmth. The McGee's shared an example of a white kitchen they designed, with textured, white subway tile and a wooden stove range.