Breegan Jane's Expert Tips On Bringing West Coast Vibes Into Your Home

Touted as Los Angeles' best interior designer, Breegan Jane adds a bit of west coast style into every space she designs. When she's not designing interiors throughout the California coast, fans watch Jane on the HGTV show "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" and the Discovery+ show "The House My Wedding Bought." Her signature style is artistic and elegant, mixed with comfort. But it's the cool west coast style that's very apparent in all of her designs.

There has always been a fun rivalry between the two coasts between music, food, and culture. But the battle between the coasts has entered the interior design world as well. Where the East Coast design is rooted in traditional chic style with formality being a major influence, West Coast designs tend to be lighter with influences from nature, says WanderEater. West Coast interior design often incorporates lighter wood tones, linen-based fabrics, and a lighter, warmer palette. Breegan Jane gives her tips to add a West Coast vibe into your home no matter where you live.

Airy paint colors

One of the keys to West Coast style is creating an open and airy space. Breegan Jane says that the right paint color should allow the room to breathe. One of the best ways to do that is with airy paint colors that can make the room feel larger and more open. When the right colors are paired with ample natural light, you can create an especially airy room. Undertones are essential to choosing the right paint color, particularly with neutrals.

Cool neutrals have blue or green undertones, while warm neutrals have red, orange, or yellow undertones. Hey There, Home suggests looking at the darkest shade on the paint swatch because that's where the color is the most obvious and where undertones will reveal themselves better. Choose undertones that pair well with the rest of your decor; both cool and warm can create an airy atmosphere.

And while neutrals are a popular option for creating airy and open spaces, you're not married to a space that's only white, grays, tans, or blacks. You can also incorporate blues, greens, purples, and peaches to add a little color to the space. Color House listed their favorite light and airy colors, including Palladian Blue, Cucumber, and Summer Peach from Benjamin Moore.

Choose light-colored furniture

The light and airy color palette should continue into the furniture in your space. Breegan Jane says a lighter palette keeps your space feeling modern. But be cautious about finding furniture that feels too light that you're afraid to sit on it. Jane found that many people are weary about a white sofa, but neutral pillows can help lighten the space as well.

If white sofas and chairs aren't an option, then lighter grays and tans that can help might be a better choice. But if you do choose white furniture, don't forget to consider the undertones. Cream-colored whites often feel warmer and more lived-in than stark whites. Lighter and natural wood tones bring in the coastal and natural influence that's characteristic of the West Coast style.

Another tip for finding furniture that fits the West Coast vibe; Home Bunch suggests looking for pieces that don't overwhelm the room. To maintain the open and airy feel, you don't want to fill the room with furniture. Allow for plenty of open space in the room by choosing fewer and less bulky pieces. Consider sofas, chairs, and tables that have visible legs that help create more open space.

Invest in an air purifier

Creating an airy West Coast vibe in your home isn't only about the furniture and color palette you choose. It's also about the air and space of your home. Who doesn't love the fresh feeling of coastal air? Breegan Jane emphasizes the importance of focusing on the air you breathe by improving your indoor air quality. Using a whole-home air purifier can reduce asthma and allergy triggers that find their way inside your home every day.

When looking for an air purifier, it's important to consider the type as some work better than others, and some air purifiers can actually be bad for your health, says Consumer Reports. You will want to consider the cost of replacement filters, certifications, and the noise the machine puts out as you're looking for an air purifier. Also, keep in mind the size of the room, as that can affect the type or model you purchase.