Where Feng Shui Says To Place Water Features In Your Home

Before you add a water fountain to your indoor decor, it's important to consider the flow of that energy and what water energy attracts. Even if you're not versed in feng shui, following this traditional Chinese practice can bring more joy and abundance into your home, according to National Geographic.

When it comes to water, feng shui has some "rules" about where is best to put water elements, whether it's something with actual water in it (like an aquarium) or it's a painting of the ocean. So not only are there auspicious, or good, places to decorate with water aspects, but there are also bad places to put this element.

If you've been looking to do some redecorating and you want to follow feng shui, we have some tips on where you should and shouldn't place the water element throughout your home. If you want all that positive water energy, here's how to get it.

Best places for the water element in your home

For anyone wanting to add feng shui elements to their home, it's essential to have a bagua map. According to AstroStyle, bagua means "eight areas." As the name suggests, this feng shui map breaks up your home into eight segments — or individual rooms — by colors, elements, direction, and usage. Per the map, it looks like one of the best places to place water elements would be in the north area of your home, as this is the area of the element, as well as the career area of your space.

Direction isn't the only thing to look at, however. You can look at the colors on the map as well and consider the color of water. For example, blue hues can be beneficial in the southeast, east, and northeast areas of your home, which respectively go with wealth and prosperity, family, and knowledge and self-cultivation.

TotalPond says the water element symbolizes abundance and prosperity in feng shui, so you'll want this element in areas where you would like to gain these things. The best place to use water is in the living room and in the corner that pertains to wealth. Any room in the southeast area of your home could be an excellent location for water.

You can also combine elements. For example, consider placing the water element in one of the areas associated with the metal element by using a metal, like copper, fountain.

Worst places for the water element in your home

Knowing where not to put the water element in your home, per feng shui, will also help you. For example, if you're putting a fountain or image of water near your front door, put it on the left side of the door, as it can otherwise bring some issues to your relationship, according to TotalPond.

WaterfallNow, meanwhile, warns about putting water elements in the direct south position, as this is a space for the fire element in feng shui, and these two are contradictory. Also, as south is associated with fame and reputation, your water element in the wrong area could put out that flame and cause you bad luck in these areas.

No matter where your bedroom is located, feng shui rules say not to put water elements in there because it's bad luck and could add worry to your life (via WaterfallNow).