5 Simple Ways To Revamp Your Small Bathroom

Renovating a bathroom can be expensive, but there are always cheaper ways to give yours a DIY makeover. You can find some cool DIY projects that will help you be successful at making your space look better and bigger. The great thing about renovating by yourself is you can use temporary items that can be replaced easily so you can change them whenever you'd like. Add colorful, removable wallpaper to your bathroom for a few months or a year, then change it to a marble pattern for a classier look. Use peel and stick tiles to upgrade your flooring for a couple of years, then switch them out for a different pattern. 

When you make any small changes to your home, they increase the value of the house. HomeLight claims that in 2022, home values increased between 53% to 58% because of bathroom renovations. Bathrooms are a dealbreaker for folks looking to buy a home, and small changes can increase it from 10% to 40%, so your DIY projects can make a huge difference. You don't have to go all out and change every single part of your bathroom; even the simplest modifications can make a huge difference. Here are ways to update your bathroom.

1. Change the shower curtain

The first thing people see when they walk into a bathroom is the toilet, but you definitely don't want that to be the main takeaway of the space. David Gray suggests making something other than the toilet a focal point, such as the bathtub. You don't have to completely change the entire tub for it to be or look luxurious — a simple shower curtain will do the trick.

There is so much to a shower curtain that could make your small bathroom stand out, according to Parachute Home. Take into consideration the color, pattern, and size to find the right shower curtain for your bathroom. If you want a simple option, you can use some stylish curtain rings to make it pop. You can match it to the rest of your décor and go neutral or choose a bright color. You can also go for a more earthy tone to create a zen space. Either way, carefully choosing your shower curtain can revamp your small bathroom.

2. Update the lighting

A good bathroom selfie has to have good lighting, so if your light casts a yellow glow, that's a bad photo already. Change the yellow bulbs for bright LED lights that will act as a ring light without being one. It'll make it your favorite spot to take photos and do your skincare routine and makeup. You could get different lighting styles, such as a vanity, where your mirror already comes with its own lamps, or you can switch out the ceiling lights.

Make It Right claims three types of lighting: ambiance, accent, and task. Ambiance lighting lights up the whole room, accent lighting targets an area, and task lighting is used for everyday activities such as doing your hair or makeup. You can use LED lighting around your cabinets, under your sink, and on countertops or shelves. The perfect lighting can help brighten up your small bathroom while making it feel airy and bigger.

3. Change the flooring

Harsh stains can make any flooring look terrible and irreparable, especially in the bathroom, which is used the most by guests. Changing the flooring can be a great DIY project you can do without ripping out the entire floor. Using peel and stick tiles can spruce up your flooring at a low cost and take a few hours. They come in so many colors and patterns that you can use them for the flooring and part of the wall to match it back.

Interiors Place claims that peel and stick will last you for years and are waterproof, so they'll be in perfect condition for a long time. Since they're self-adhesive tiles, you don't need any extra materials or tools to install them after freshly cleaning your floor. As long as you install them right, you won't have to worry about them unsticking. You can always switch them out for a different pattern if you plan on changing your entire bathroom.

4. Update toilet handle

Getting your toilet a new handle is the simplest yet most effective way to make your bathroom shine. Other than the sink, guests use the toilet often when they go into the bathroom, so why not spruce up the handle a little? You could spray paint it your favorite color or completely replace the one you have with a new option. A new handle can add some personality to your toilet instead of sticking with the same old stainless steel handle.

The Home Depot has a great step-by-step plan that helps you change your toilet handle. Before you start changing it, buy a new one; the cost ranges from $6 to $50. You'll be able to install it in less than two hours following the guide, and it's perfect for beginners if you're unsure whether you'll be able to do it or not. You'll get some nice compliments from your guests on the new handle.

5. Add a bathroom rug

Adding a bathroom rug to your washroom won't only prevent you from slipping on the floor when you get out of the shower, but it'll also make the space look stylish. Most rugs have a non-slip back and only come in simple colors, but there are bathroom rugs that don't look boring. There are different types of bathroom rugs that are made from cotton, nylon, bamboo, polyester, and chenille, according to Silver Rug Cleaning. They're better quality rugs that will last a long time and are water absorbent.

You don't want to be slipping and sliding on the bathroom floor and breaking something, so it's essential to buy a bathroom rug that can prevent such accidents. You can pick out a neutral-colored rug for a minimalistic look, any patterned design to draw guests' attention to the floor, or a solid color that matches the walls if they are painted in various colors. It's a small change, but it'll make a big difference.