How To Decorate Your Home With Marigolds

If you've been growing marigolds this summer, then you're in luck! Marigolds bloom all summer until late fall, per Clemson Cooperative Extension. So, now is the perfect time to bring those beautiful gold and orange flowers into your home for decorative purposes. If you currently don't have marigolds in your garden, they're pretty easy to grow and are a great choice for gardeners with minimal experience. However, marigolds do need full sun and a regular watering schedule in order to grow adequately. 

But once they do grow, you'll be able to design your home with them in a variety of ways. Designing your home with flowers can bring about many positive changes, such as an increase in happiness and a decrease in anxiety, according to Rittners School of Floral Design. Introducing flowers in a space can also make it more welcoming, while also reducing depression; because marigolds produce such warm and bright colors, it'll be like you're bringing bits of summer into your home.

The perfect centerpiece

Ariyona Interior says that marigolds can be used to make a beautiful centerpiece; either in your dining room, living room, a bookshelf, or anywhere else you desire a pop of bright, warm color. You would do this by grabbing your favorite, large, glass vase, and filling it with enough water so that a few marigolds can float inside. You can take it a step further and add a little tea light to enhance the ambiance.

If you don't have a vase, you can use a shallow tray instead. With this concept, you can add a few small candles throughout the tray, as marigold flowers sit softly around them. It's advised to use a tray shape that is the same as the table, such as a long tray for a rectangular table. Luckily, marigolds are known to be a durable flower that can last a week or more while in a vase, per NC Cooperative Extension.

Lovely accents

Marigolds can also be created into lovely decor accents for any space. For example, some people use marigold petals to make decorative soap, according to NorthWood Distributing. The steps to creating it are simple, and you're left with a colorful bar of soap that can either be placed on your bathroom vanity or wrapped and gifted to someone else. If you're hoping to keep your marigolds intact, you can also fill adorable baskets with them, along with some green foliage to balance it out, according to Ariyona Interior.

Another tactic that may be time-consuming — but totally worth it — is creating a garland out of your marigold flowers. Once you do this, the opportunities are endless! You can either hang them on a bookshelf to brighten up your study or let them flow out of a vase to create an elegant visual. Some use these garlands for special occasions by wrapping them around the back of a chair when hosting an outdoor event.