25 Stunning Ways To Decorate Your Home With Flower Garlands

Flower garlands are typically used to decorate for parties or weddings. They also usually adorn homes during the holiday season. However, these beautiful pieces can be used as home décor during any time of the year. According to Silks Are Forever, garlands can make a space look extra cozy and inviting. They will also add lots of color and liveliness to any room.

A flower garland is made of fake flowers and leaves and is typically long and skinny. In the living room, a garland could be strung across curtains or over the mantle. In the bedroom, flowers could be hung above the headboard or placed along a shelving unit. Garlands could even be used in the kitchen, dining room, or bathroom. Any space you want to enliven can be transformed with garlands. If you're looking for different ways to add flower garlands to your home, below are 25 ideas you could try.

1. Along a mantle

A flower garland could be added along a mantle to add lots of liveliness and greenery to a space. 

2. Up the wall

Placing one side of a garland in a basket and attaching flowers along the wall will create the look of a tall, blooming floral tree.  

3. Across a headboard

A beautiful place to add a floral garland is above a headboard in the bedroom. Adding more flowers throughout the room will make it look cohesive. 

4. Above a door

Above the door is a great place to string a flower garland. To frame the whole door in greenery, allow longer pieces to hang down on the sides. 

5. Across the piano

To make a piano look cozier and more inviting, place a large garland on top. Just like florals, candles can also add warmth to a space. 

6. Around a canopy bed

This canopy bed has been completely covered in flower garlands, transforming it into a beautiful statement piece. 

7. As a centerpiece

A long, skinny garland could be used as a centerpiece for the dining room table or the kitchen island. 

8. Create a wreath

You could wrap florals around a ring to make it into a wreath. This could be hung on the wall, above the mantle, or on the door. 

9. Along a bench

Laying a floral garland along the top of a bench can enliven a living space or entryway. 

10. Decorate chairs

Placing small garlands on the back of chairs could bring a comfortable feeling to a dining room or bar area. 

11. Along a white brick wall

Hanging flower garlands along the top of a white brick wall will add color to the space and transform the wall into a statement piece. 

12. Surrounding a window

You could also hang floral garlands around a window. Instead of only seeing greenery outside your windows, this will bring nature into your home.  

13. In a kid's room

Garlands are lively and beautiful. They look great when used to decorate a child's bedroom or play area. 

14. Over a fireplace

If you have an electric fireplace with the look of real flames, a floral garland can bring even more warmth to the space. 

15. Around a folding wall

A folding wall is typically used to separate out different areas in a room. To bring color to the wall, hang a garland along the top. 

16. In a white bedroom

Florals could be used in a neutral bedroom to add color and character. In a white bedroom, pink flowers would create a delicate appearance. 

17. On a shelving unit

If you have extra space on a shelving unit, you could add some beautiful florals. These could surround books or other decorative knick-knacks. 

18. In the bathroom

A flower garland could even be used in the bathroom. Hang one along the side of a bathtub or above a vanity mirror. 

19. Along curtains

You could wrap a garland around a curtain rod to add color to any room with windows. 

20. Decorate a mirror

Surrounding a mirror in flower garlands will give your space a unique look. When you look in the mirror, you'll always appear to be surrounded by beautiful flowers. 

21. Along the staircase

Garlands along the staircase will make your space look elegant and lively. It will also emphasize the architectural beauty of your staircase. 

22. Combined with twinkle lights

When combined with twinkle lights, a flower garland will really stand out. In this image, a garland and lights have been added to a bed frame. 

23. Create a floral wall

Stringing flower garlands from the ceiling on a wall will create a statement piece that brings the eye up toward the ceiling. 

24. On a frame

You could surround a frame in flower garlands to emphasize the framed image. This could be hung on a gallery wall to add color and texture. 

25. Suspend a garland

Suspending a garland over your dining room table or kitchen island will bring the eye up and add more vibrancy.