60 Fall Living Room Decor Ideas That Will Transform Your Space

Fall is upon us, which means that it's time to put away the summer décor and wicker furniture, and bring out the gingham blankets, fall foliage wreaths, and bundles of pumpkins. Many people consider fall their favorite season, and for good reason: It's a cozy time of the year, one that is filled with thick blankets, flickering candles, and heady scents of cinnamon and spice, which makes us happy to stay at home — and there is a reason for that. Dr. Ben-Shahar Tal, who studies positive psychology, told MTV News, "As far as we know, there's nothing inherent in autumn that makes it a happier season. However, when people inject meaning into it, then it can become a happier season. So if I choose to focus on how wonderful the apple pie, pumpkins, and leaves are, and romanticize these things, then I'm more likely to enjoy the season."

You can make your house as inviting as possible during this time by decorating your living room for fall. It's easy to put yourself into the fall spirit by decorating your living room specifically, since it's where most people spend their time. To help you transform your space into a cozy living room, we have gathered 60 fall living room décor ideas that will work with a variety of different aesthetics. From creative coffee table centerpieces to stylish pumpkin vignettes, there is something for everyone. 

1. White pumpkin decor

If you have a minimalist space, use small white pumpkins to decorate for fall. An easy way to do this is to layer them on top of coffee table books to create a small autumnal vignette. 

2. Autumnal pillows

Transform your couch into a fall-themed couch by swapping out your summer pillows for something a little more festive. Spring for gingham or orange pillows to achieve this look.

3. Knitted pumpkin decor

Add a cozy touch to your living room by decorating with knitted pumpkins. You can cluster them by the fireplace or at the foot of a couch. 

4. 'Hello Fall' signage

Greet the fall season by hanging "Hello Fall" typography on your fireplace mantel. Accent the sign with pumpkins and candles to create a cozy vignette in your living room.

5. Decorate your benches

If you have decorative benches or chairs in your living room that you don't typically sit on, decorate them with pumpkins or fall-themed pillows for the season. 

6. Decorate with pine cone banners

Evoke the feeling of crisp fall woods in your living room by hanging a pine cone banner across your mantel. Make sure to use different kinds of pine cones so they don't all blend together. 

7. Place fall baskets on coffee tables

Grab a basket out of your closet and create a coffee table centerpiece by using small pumpkins in different colors accented with fall blooms. It's easy to create and instantly draws the eye when entering the room. 

8. Create bouquets using fall leaves

One of the best parts about fall is watching the leaves change, so bring that aesthetic indoors by using a branch of leaves as a bouquet. Pop it into a vase, and surround it with other autumnal accents, like pumpkins and twine.

9. Create a simple leaf garland

For those who like a more minimalist aesthetic, create a garland out of plastic red leaves and hang it up above your couch. Make sure to leave plenty of negative space between the leaves so it feels clean and sparse. 

10. Use gingham signage

Gingham instantly evokes images of cozy fall blankets and thick knits, so incorporate the print into your fall decor. A simple gingham sign that says something like "hello fall" will add a festive touch to your family room. 

11. A fall themed bouquet

Bring some fall blooms into your living room by arranging them into an autumnal bouquet. Use flowers like orange, red, and white mums and dianthuses, which are arranged with fall leaves. To give it an even more seasonal touch, place them inside a hallowed-out pumpkin. 

12. Pumpkins inside a fireplace

If you don't have a functional fireplace or aren't quite ready to use it just yet, fill the space with pumpkins. You can use both orange and white pumpkins for a variety of color, and even paint some with stripes. Make sure the pumpkins spill out of the fireplace for extra drama.

13. Mantel decorated in fall leaves

This option is for our maximalist readers: Decorate your mantel with leaf branches. Make them branch out in all directions to create a striking visual effect. 

14. Fall blooms in vintage glass

If you have a vintage aesthetic, try decorating your living room by placing fall blooms inside vintage vases or glass vessels. This is especially pretty with fountain grass or pampas grass.

15. Fall-inspired rugs

Swap your summer rugs for some fall themed area rugs, like this gingham one. It instantly adds a festive touch to the room, especially when paired with a couple of pumpkins by the fireplace. 

16. Use autumnal throws

Everyone loves to snuggle under blankets during crisp fall evenings, so make those throws work for you. Choose blankets in classic autumnal prints like plaid, and then drape them over chairs and sofas so they can double as décor. 

17. Create dramatic fall centerpieces

Decorate coffee tables, side boards, or mantels with dramatic fall flower centerpieces that utilize red, orange, and yellow blooms. It's an easy and elegant way to honor the season without going overboard with décor. 

18. Decorate with heather flowers

If you want to decorate your living room with fall flowers, then you can't do better than using heather flowers. Place the bouquets into black baskets or vases to make their autumnal colors really pop. 

19. Pumpkin table decor

If your dining room is attached to your living room, create a seasonal aesthetic by leaving out permanent place settings on your dining table. This can incorporate wicker place mats, plaid cloth napkins, and pumpkins placed on top of each plate. 

20. Minimalist fountain grass decor

For those with a modern or minimalist aesthetic, consider placing fountain or pampas grass into your artsy vessels to bring a more autumnal touch to your living room. 

21. Décor on cutting boards

Take one of your most decorative cheese boards and use it as a tray on your coffee table. Arrange seasonal candles on it, along with a vase with autumnal sprigs and a smattering of chestnuts or acorns. 

22. Fall-approved mantles

Decorate your mantel with a fall-themed vignette using chalkboard signage, amber vases filled with autumnal blooms, and a red leaf garland that matches with a similar wreath. 

23. Decorate your ottoman

If you have a coffee table ottoman or an ottoman you use for décor, be sure to decorate it with fall accents. Take a box tray and load it up with candles, pine cones, and autumnal leaves, and place it on the ottoman. 

24. Burlap accents on table tops

Pull inspiration from this tablescape and incorporate the same look on your coffee table, mantel, or sideboard. Cover the length with a burlap runner, layer it with tree bark platters that will hold candles, and decorate it with baskets filled with pumpkins and acorns. 

25. Clustered pumpkins on windowsills

Don't forget your living room's windowsills! You can create cozy corners by your windows by incorporating stacked books, clusters of small pumpkins, and long tapered candles. 

26. Decorate pumpkins with dried flowers

Give your pumpkins an upgrade by placing them into wicker baskets and threading the handles with dried flowers in autumnal hues like red, orange, or yellow. 

27. Incorporate gingham table runners

You can instantly upgrade your coffee table or sideboard with the help of a black and white gingham table runner. It will instantly bring a fall touch to your living room, especially if you decorate it with fall-scented candles.

28. Dried fall flowers

Decorate your living room with dried flowers in different kinds of vases. This particular bouquet is made from dried hyacinth, which creates a bushy and full silhouette. 

29. Decorate with plush pumpkins

Invest in velvet pumpkins and use them to create an elegant vignette in your living room. One creative way to decorate with such a pumpkin is to place a pillow in a decorative chair, and then pop the pumpkin on top of that pillow. 

30. Flank candles with gourds

If you have a seasonal candle that you love on your coffee table, flank it with textured gourds to make it feel more visually appealing. 

31. Turn blankets into decor

If you have an excess of blankets, fold a couple and stack them on top of a windowsill or chair. Top the blankets off with a pumpkin and flank it with some autumnal leaves in a vase. 

32. Add fur accents

There is no faster way to add a cozy touch to your living room than to add faux fur accents. You can add a small fur area rug on the floor, or drape a faux fur blanket over the arm of a sofa. 

33. Extra large pine cone decor

If you want to decorate for fall but don't want your entire living room dressed up in a theme, then decorate sparingly by using extra large versions of common fall décor. For example, find two large pine cones and decorate your coffee table with them. 

34. Go all-white

If you don't like too much color in your living room, try creating autumnal vignettes using all-white décor. It's relatively easy to find pumpkin and gourde accents in different shades of white or cream. 

35. Add height

If your fall display feels cluttered rather than artistic, try adding some height into the display. Use a raised tray or small stool to create a platform, and cluster items on those platforms. 

36. Create a pumpkin bouquet

Rather than having a plant or bouquet spill out of a planter, create one using small pumpkins and gourds. Have them spill out of the planter by attaching them to branches, and cluster some on the floor for an extra bountiful look. 

37. Farmhouse fall aesthetic

Create a farmhouse vignette in your living room by grabbing a shallow wooden tray and filling it with white, cream, and gray pumpkins that are accented with white dried flowers. 

38. Utilize a fall wreath

Wreaths don't just belong on front doors. You can also pop them over your fireplace to create a mantel centerpiece. You can buy or easily make a fall foilage wreath, using red and yellow foliage. 

39. Cover the mantel in blooms

If wreaths aren't your thing, you can create a similar aesthetic by covering your mantel in blooms. Use dried flowers and fall and winter greens to achieve a statement-making fireplace centerpiece. 

40. Create a fall-inspired welcome corner

If your front door opens to your living room, create a welcoming corner by utilizing a small side table and topping it off with a pumpkin-shaped welcome sign. 

41. DIY staged corners

Dust off a chair that you no longer use and drag it to a corner in your living room where you can stage it. Drape a blanket over the chair, and then prop two plaid pumpkins on top to make an Instagram-worthy scene. 

42. Accent candles with fall wreathes

Accent thick candle stick holders with bushy fall wreaths that come in different colors of red and orange. They will instantly add an autumnal touch to your candle setup. 

43. Create large coffee table centerpieces

Go big, or go home! Create an extra large centerpiece for your coffee table by utilizing a large basket filled with gourds, dried flowers, moss, and three tapered candles. Just imagine how atmospheric this will look during the evening when it's lit! 

44. DIY matching floral accents

Go to the dollar store or local craft store to pick out stalks of fall leaves and autumnal flowers to create matching centerpieces. You can DIY wreaths and matching bouquets at home, which you then can display around your living room. It will create a cohesive look that is equal parts elegant and seasonal. 

45. Incorporate mums

If you like a farmhouse aesthetic, grab a rustic pail and fill it with mums from the farmers market or grocery store. It will immediately create a rustic look in your living room. 

46. Don't be afraid of gourds

While people usually gravitate towards pumpkins for their fall décor, gourds make just as big of a statement. Use gourds in your centerpieces and your sideboard vignettes. 

47. Plaid blanket accents

Create a cozy corner against the wall by draping a plaid blanket across a wooden country house chair, and accenting it with folded blankets and pumpkins on the table next to it. 

48. Decorate with chrysanthemum bouquets

Add drama to your living room windowsill buy buying bouquets of Chrysanthemums and placing them into terracotta vases. Spring for two bouquets, which you then can separate on the sill with pumpkins and create an orange color scheme.

49. Make a woodsy centerpiece

Follow Eighth Day Designs' tutorial to create a similar centerpiece in your own living room. You will utilize wood-printed candles, brown blooms, white pumpkins, and silver gourds, among other things. This will create a rustic and classic display. 

50. Incorporate red plants

Incorporate red plants into your space to make your living room feel more autumnal. The coleus plant looks as bushy as a tree, and it mimics the foliage seen outside. 

51. Incorporate a fall village

It's common to see festive village scenes during the December holidays, but you can also create fall-inspired villages, too. Buy simple ceramic houses (which can be found in places like Target or Pottery Barn) and pair them with pumpkins to create a festive corner on a table or mantel. 

52. Bring in some haystacks

A maximalist decorator can create a festive fall scene in their living room by arranging two haystacks in a corner and decorating them with pumpkins and lanterns. 

53. Decorate a floating shelf

If you have a minimalist aesthetic and want a stylish way to decorate your living room with pumpkins, try clearing a floating shelf and decorating it with small pumpkins. 

54. Create mood lighting with empty bottles

To create mood lighting in your living room during the evening, fill vintage bottles with twinkling lights and set them up in front of a window. You will have instant atmosphere. 

55. Get creative with decorative pumpkins

If you're looking for interesting ways to decorate with pumpkins, try propping them up on matching candlesticks to add more depth to your decorative scene. 

56. White wash planters and candlestick holders

If you have a farmhouse or minimalist aesthetic, you might want a lot of white in your fall décor. In order to create a cohesive look, white wash terracotta planters or chunky candlestick holders to create a unifying look.  

57. Go with metals

For those who have a glamorous sense of style, swap out orange and white pumpkins for metallic gourds instead. 

58. Use a welcome mat

There is no shortage of fall welcome mats in stores, but they're not just useful to wipe your feet on! You can also use them as a decorative sign to place in front of your fireplace. 

59. Play with unexpected colors

Forgo traditional fall colors and instead create a living room bouquet using unexpected hues. Don't be afraid to use colors like pink, lilac, and magenta. 

60. Fireplace pumpkins

If you like the idea of putting pumpkins into the fireplace but don't like a messy aesthetic, then try arranging just a few pumpkins in a stacked fashion. Ensure that they don't spill out of the fireplace, and that they look carefully arranged rather than carelessly clustered.