The Best Bedding Color If You Have A Purple Bedroom

Purple is a great paint color for your bedroom; Sensational Color notes that the shade creates a physical sense of harmony, balance, and peace, as well as enhances introspection, thoughtfulness, and awareness. It also has a regal and rare sensibility — purple is harder to come by than other pigments in nature, which has made it a rare and expensive dye color throughout history, per Verywell Mind.

That being said, it can be a difficult color to match. While simply pairing your purple bedroom with white bedding is an easy enough pair, the regal shade offers many opportunities for a variety of aesthetics if you know what to do and have an eye for décor. Those with a preference for softer, more delicate design styles and a taste for the bold and eclectic alike can easily create a picture-perfect bedroom through unique color pairings. Keep reading for great bedding colors for your purple bedroom.

Light purple and blue

One easy way to find a color pairing for more bold shades like purple is to find similar hues. Purple is a mix of the primary colors blue and red; as such, any of the two will naturally pair together with the regal tone. Blue is also a cool tone, along with purple, making it an excellent match, per Aspect Wall Art.

This color combination looks particularly stunning in lighter, pastel shades, with lilac walls and a sky blue bedding set seamlessly matching one another. The blend will also look great in a bedroom, creating a soothing and relaxing environment. For those who have bolder, more eclectic tastes, keep the purple light but still in the shades of lavender or similar pale hues. Then, switch your bedding for a deep, jewel-toned, teal shade. Pair with soft yellows and light greens that will accentuate the natural aspect of the floral purple.

Lilac and dandelion yellow

Another way to match colors is to look at their complementary color. According to Color Meanings, a complementary color is a shade's opposite on the color wheel. Complementary color pairings will always consist of a primary color (blue, yellow, or red) and a secondary color (green, orange, or purple). Purple's complementary color is yellow.

This means that purple and yellow paired together will create a lot of contrast and brightness. Purple and yellow are also colors that can be found in artificial, bold shades, as well as softer, more natural tones. For those looking for the former, Aspect Wall Art recommends pairing rich, jewel-toned purple walls with equally rich, gold-toned yellow bedding, especially with floral prints. Enhance the vibrancy with other warm and deep pinks and oranges, avoiding any neutrals like cream or beige. For a softer approach, pair a floral-inspired purple paint with a pale yellow bedding set, like that found at the center of a flower.