The Most Important Feng Shui Rule For Your Hallways

Feng shui is the idea that rearranging your furniture and home d├ęcor will increase positive, harmonious energy in your home or workspace, the Chinese Language Institute explains. Thus, to obtain harmony in your space, there are several rules you must follow, which, although implemented thousands of years ago, are still practiced today.

When it comes to feng shui, the three most important spaces in the home are the main front door, bedroom, and the kitchen (specifically, the oven), Feng Shui Beginner states. While these three areas are key to providing positive energy, there is another important spot you may not have considered.

Think of your hallways as the project manager of your home; it's their job to disperse good chi throughout your space properly, Luminous Spaces explains. As all that good chi flows in, the bad chi is pushed out. This is why abiding by feng shui rules in your hallway area is absolutely critical. If you block the positive energy from flowing freely, you have a small chance of creating a sense of balance in your home.

Tidy up

Kave Home says it's important to have a clear hallway where doors can open without obstruction, especially the hallway that extends from your front door. When you have a cluttered, disorganized corridor, your guests will not feel welcome coming into your home.

Not only is a hallway littered with bags, toys, or unopened packages a feng shui no-no; it's also a serious tripping hazard. The sooner you clear out your hall, the better. This means ditching the coat and shoe racks, benches, and any loose items you have lying around that you don't need (you don't have to toss these items; just remove them from this space).

Once you've cleaned up your hallway, you'll notice the energy in your home has drastically improved. With all that extra fluff out of the way, the good chi is free to make its way throughout the house. Remember, if you start to feel a negative shift in your home, check your hallways; the answer to your problem may just be lying in a pile of shoes.