The Two Colors To Paint Your Home Office To Help Boost Creativity

Colors in your space affect your everyday mood and behaviors a lot more than you think, especially if you work from the comfort of a home office. In fact, choosing the right or wrong paint hues can make or break your work productivity and remote experience altogether. Your mood and the color of your home office walls go hand in hand.

According to CDI Spaces, the shade of your home office walls can have a huge effect on how productive, creative, and focused you feel in work mode. And as per Architect Two Cents, a revolutionary color study carried out by Angela Wright demonstrated this in 1984. When it comes to your workspace, it's necessary to intentionally choose hues that will increase your productivity and enhance your work ethic so you can get a lot of the tasks done and feel good while doing that. Get into two prominent paint colors to make working from your home office a productive yet relaxing breeze.

The beauty of blue

Because your productivity is hugely influenced by your work environment, the key is to paint your home office a color that will ignite your soul and get your creative juices flowing, especially if you're working from the comfort of your house. Choosing the right paint hue for your office is just as important, if not more, as the furniture and décor you go for, Battle Born Painting says. This is where the color blue comes in; it's the perfect hue to paint your walls if you want to dive into your work and get things done because it represents logic, communication, tranquility, and efficiency.

With blue walls, you'll stay focused and have no issues doing repetitive or time-consuming tasks, according to Architect Two Cents. Not to mention, this hue stimulates the mind. Martha Stewart also says that it can bring about a meditative atmosphere, perfect for staying calm and reminding yourself to breathe when dealing with frustrating situations that make you want to pull your hair out.

Green is serene

According to Architect Two Cents, if you constantly struggle to start your day or stay focused on your work tasks, your home office may have the wrong color. Switch it up and bring some much-needed green into your life. This color represents life, starting new, and growth. Green also brings balance, nature, and rebuilding. It's the easiest hue on the eyes, according to CDI Spaces, and it'll make your space feel peaceful while working in your office, so you can execute your tasks for the day with ease.

According to Martha Stewart, expert Erika Woelfel suggests painting your home office an earthy shade of green of your choosing for a quiet and serene work environment that isn't distracting. As for touches, you can go for gold or silver to keep things neutral or pair the color with white furniture and décor for a clean look. You'll feel so good in your office that you'll wonder why you didn't go green, to begin with.