Nearly 37% Of People Agree That This Kitchen Countertop Material Is The Best - Exclusive Survey

Choosing a countertop for your kitchen isn't a decision to take lightly. This kitchen feature combines aesthetic and function, and for many homeowners, both of these factors are equally important. But costs of the material and the installation are also considerations to keep in mind.

When it comes to durability, you want to ensure the countertop material won't succumb to stains, abrasions, or heat damage. In the kitchen, a material that's easy to clean is a benefit. According to CounterTop Guides, you may also want to consider a material that's non-porous, which can help prevent staining over time. Maintenance can also be a major consideration as that can become an extra cost.

So, what countertop material do people think is the best for kitchens? House Digest conducted a survey where 596 people answered the question and 220 people –- or about 36.91% of the respondents –- said that this particular material is the one they'd put in their kitchen.

Most prefer granite in their kitchens

For years, granite has been a top choice for kitchen countertops. And the respondents of the House Digest survey seem to agree. 220 respondents said that granite is the material they would put in their kitchen. Granite has many benefits that make it a favorite in the kitchen. Use Natural Stone says that granite is heat and scratch resistant due to the hardness of the stone. You can feel comfortable working in the kitchen without feeling like you will damage your counters. Many people also love granite for the range in colors. Black, whites, and grays are popular color schemes. But shades of blue are also very common.

Granite will need to be sealed because it is a porous material. But don't worry, absorption doesn't happen instantly if you spill something. The sealing process is most often done by fabricators, so it's not something you'll have to do yourself. And as long as you clean up spills quickly and use the proper cleaning products, you shouldn't have problems with staining.

Granite is also incredibly low maintenance. You probably won't have to reseal your granite countertops, but if you must, it's an easy process homeowners can do themselves. The material is also scratch and chip resistant, so the chances of needing a countertop repair or resurfacing are low.

Quartz is a strong contender

Granite was the top choice, but quartz is quickly gaining popularity. 164 survey respondents said that they'd choose quartz as the material for their kitchen countertop. That's 27.52% of the total votes. And it's not hard to see why over a quarter of people would choose quartz because the material has plenty of benefits. Quartz is easy to clean as well as scratch and stain resistant.

What many people really love about quartz is that it's poreless, which means it's a non-porous material. So water and other liquids won't seep into the counters. And liquids getting inside stone can lead to bacterial growth, according to KNC Granite. Since quartz isn't porous, it's a more hygienic and sanitary surface than other materials.

But quartz is more easily damaged by heat, so you have to be careful with hot pans. And your sink options are often more limited with quartz counters as the wrong kind of sink can cause cracks in the slab, says ConnectUS. But one of the main reasons people love quartz is because you can also find quartz that mimics the look of marble. So if you're looking to add the elegance of marble to your kitchen for a lower price, quartz is a great option.

As for the other options, 91 people said they prefer marble, 52 would opt for wood and 39 like laminate. The least chosen? Solid surfacing only had 30 votes.