25 Peaceful Meditation Spaces To Inspire Your Mindfulness Practice

Whether you meditate regularly or you're just thinking of starting the practice of meditation, you need a relaxing environment, and if you have the space, what better way to do that than create a meditation room right from the comfort of your home? According to Decoist, just taking a few minutes to meditate every day can improve your moods, posture, and ability to concentrate and focus. Meditation is self-care, so the environment you meditate in affects your ability to relax, unwind, and get in touch with your inner soul. Meditation rooms are becoming more of a home feature, and with the madness in today's world, it's with good cause. When you come home after a long or hard day, your home should feel like a place of peace and a slice of heaven because you can recenter and refocus in your meditation room.

Keep in mind that you can use the room for other things outside of meditation, according to Mind Easy, like a quiet space for getting lost in a good book, working on crafty projects, and getting together with your loved ones. Creating a meditation room that resonates with your being and makes you feel safe can be fun, and with the right inspiration, you can execute the vibe you want. Here are 25 inspiring ways to design your meditation room; it's the sanctuary you didn't know you needed for your mind, body, and soul.

A warm and welcome vibe

With white walls, low light, and floor seating, this meditation room combines modern and classic. The floor table set makes it feel cozy and comfortable with pillows for seating with an open view of the outside and carpet flooring. Not to mention, the room is extremely open, so you're not stuck in one space.

Greenery is scenery

This meditation space is open and dynamic. With green walls and one brown wall of a different texture that makes a beautiful focal point, this space feels calming and inviting.

A table for two

With minimal space, create a relaxing environment that's perfect for you and a companion. It makes for a great space to meditate and have a meaningful heart-to-heart with a loved one. The dark carpet yet light walls make the space feel secluded, personal, and alluring, like it was made for you.

Meditation and entertainment

This modern and cozy space is neutral all around, from colors to decor to furniture. This meditation room has exactly what it needs and only that. It's the perfect space to mellow out and meditate on a cushion and also catch up on your favorite shows.

Natural elements are your best friend

You can't go wrong with a bunch of natural light, light wood decor, and ceramic accessories. Floor seating is a beautiful touch to the room.

Peaceful and private

It's contemporary and modern with white walls that brighten up the space, and black and grey decor create a private, edgy vibe perfect for alone time and getting in the mind space you want to feel.

A platform is distinct

With a front platform, white walls, and identical furniture, this meditation room is bright, open, and minimal. The black table stands out, and the decor is very simple yet modern with smooth, light wood floors. The gold statue in the front center of the room is a beautiful focal point that brings the room together well.

Dark and lovely

Although this space shies away from the norm of what a meditation room might look like, it's modern, cozy, and contemporary all at the same time. With minimal plants and dark decor and furniture, it's a space not only for meditating, but sitting alone in your thoughts, journaling, reading a good book, or having an intimate conversation with a friend.

Simple is more like it

Having a serene meditation room has everything to do with having everything you need to make the place complete, and it can look as simple or elegant as you want. Create a simple space that serves multiple purposes and has a place for everything.

White is bright

Having a number of plants surrounding you will have your meditation room feeling earthy as if you're sitting in nature, which is the perfect energy you need for grounding yourself. Bright color makes the space feel welcoming and open. 


You can't go wrong with a meditation space that has the best of both worlds. With dynamic flooring, one side of the room is an open space perfect for grabbing a mat and having a meditation session by yourself, while the other side is perfect for socializing with friends and enjoying a group meal together.

Open up the space

A cozy wall nook surely makes up for not having furniture, but a spaciously open room is the perfect space for a meditation room. The green walls keep the mood of the room bright, and the wooden ceiling, walls, and platform stand out.

Wood is good

An all-wood meditation room is classic, natural, and earthy. Because the decor and furniture are in perfect unison, the space will feel warm and safe, and you will feel completely at ease no matter what you're doing.

Clean and crisp

How can you not feel light in an extremely bright white room with all-white decor? The more white, the better. 

Just what you need

When it comes to designing your meditation room, you don't need much. In fact, sometimes all you need is a yoga or tatami mat, natural light, and some space. The cherry blossom, black lanterns, and moon painting are a simple yet cozy touch. Although the decor doesn't necessarily match, it still works together extremely well.

Cozy, cute, and brown

Different tones of brown in the decor are warm and soft. The floor table seat with cushions sets the small space apart from the room itself. Create your own personal corner of solitude with a versatile shelf for book storage and a small side table with minimal decor. The room divider works as an added accessory and background.

Natural wood

Wood tones are in, and so is natural light. This room works as a beautifully modernly designed spacious meditation space for you to get centered and ready for the day, as well as a workspace for you to focus and execute projects. Not to mention, you'll experience daily doses of natural light.

Create a space in your space

Not everyone wants or has the space for a meditation room, and that's okay too. Give yourself the best of both worlds by designing an area where you can work and meditate and make it easy to switch hats when you feel like it. A floor desk is not expected, but it works beautifully.

Blue is the truth

Bring some bright colors and high energy to your life. Blue rooms positively affect moods and behaviors, so you will naturally feel your best at all times.

The best of both worlds

This is an incredibly large room that can work well for meditation, relaxation or both. Create a space where you can ground yourself and refocus and kick back and relax on the couch.

The more, the merrier

This is an ideal meditation room for someone who wants to teach or practice meditation with loved ones. The lantern lights and natural colors create a relaxing ambiance, and the floor table set and seating are a nice touch.

Minimal and simple

This space has specifically and intentionally only what it needs, which is typical for a meditation room. The space is neutral with beige walls, one plant, and a tan carpet.

The less, the better

The chair, lamp, and room divider go together beautifully well, creating a corner of comfort without doing too much with decor.

Boho chic

Boho chic is trendy, it's in, and it's not going out of style any time soon. The pieces of ceramic art are a divine touch to the divided corners for optimal comfort.

Mindful peace equals sleep

If you have the space for it in the bedroom, create your own small mindful meditation corner with a plant or two. Meditating before bed right from the comfort of your bedroom is a good recipe for getting the best sleep.