How To Achieve Good Chi In A Tech-Filled Home

Technology is increasingly important and ever-present in our daily lives and homes, which is why mindful design is crucial in encouraging positive chi (also known as Qi) or energy. Therefore, a major goal of feng shui is to improve our quality of life by redirecting the flow of Qi through furniture placements, spatial designs, and other material placements. According to Feng Shui London, achieving and maximizing chi occurs when opposing energies (yin-yang) are balanced.

Electronics represent harsh red energy and the elements of fire and metal that can upset the balance of a peaceful home. To offset this, Well + Good advises integrating the five elements of feng shui to promote harmony and balance: fire, earth, water, metal, and wood. For example, the color blue, along with soft or rounded things, can tone down fieriness within the room. Water features do the same. Decorating with neutral shades like cream and brown will incorporate the earth element, and adding plants will bring in the element of wood.

Electronic placement matters in the flow of chi

Electronics are highly energy evoking, which interferes with calmness and balance. When we think of the electronics surrounding us, it's easy to forget how prominent they are. Think beyond the screened devices like your TVs, cellphones, and other handhelds. Think about the microwave, alarm clocks, laundry machines, and wireless routers, just to name a few. According to EMF Harmony, smart devices that are always on and use Wi-Fi to interact and communicate with other electronics in your home are some of the most damaging.

DefenderShield recommends placing most electronics at least 3 feet away from a place of relaxation and from your body, which is difficult to do with some devices like cell phones, handhelds, and computers. The exception to the 3-feet rule is the television, which needs to be at least 10 feet away from loungeables in order to improve chi and lessen the impact of EMFs. And because exposure (particularly long-term) to this type of radiation is known to cause health issues, DefenderShield also advises placing routers at least 10 feet away from any place where people gather for an extended time.

How to mitigate bad chi from electronics

The ancient art of feng shui would advise us to eliminate electronics from our homes in order to create a healthy, balanced environment. But that's not realistic. However, in addition to reducing the number of devices and using feng shui principles to place them appropriately in our space, we can cover them up or put them away when not in use. Not only does this clear the clutter, but it hampers the chaotic energy they put into the room.

To reduce the number of electronics in your home, don't use smart devices like Alexa that communicate wirelessly. EMF Harmony reminds us that wireless devices include thermostats, security cameras, lighting, and other similar things. Giving up these conveniences can be really hard, and luckily, technology also works in our favor here. However, we can buy EMF filters that reduce the discharge of dirty energy. Beat EMF says these filters come in three options: plug-in, kill switches, and whole house filters. With some mindful changes, you can keep your favorite electronics and still achieve balanced chi in your home.