3 Unexpected Items That Will Help You Keep Your Bathroom Clean

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Maybe the chore chart just didn't fall in your favor this month, or you just can't stand the overfilled trash can — you've got bathroom cleaning duty. This task can be one of the most maligned; it's not hard to see why what with the toilet scrubbing and removing hair from drains. In fact, a survey from YouGovAmerica found that cleaning and sanitizing the bathroom is one of Americans' top three least favorite chores to do. 

One of the reasons it is so difficult is because it is just as much about getting rid of clutter, organizing, and polishing surfaces as it is actually sanitizing everything. That means there can be a lot of scrubbing, sore muscles, dried, cracked hands, and an overwhelming smell of bleach. And while cleaning the bathroom may never be your favorite chore, there are some tools, tips, and tricks that can make it a lot less painful.

Get a TubShroom

When you notice your shower drain isn't emptying and maintaining flow as easy as usual, it's time to clean the drain out. When you get in there, you'll probably be flabbergasted just how much hair has accumulated in your drain, even if you don't have super-long tresses. American Plumbing Sources even says that hair clogs cause most shower drain blockages. The TubShroom from Amazon helps to stop the buildup from happening in the first place, and it makes for way less icky cleanup. Just be sure to remove hair from the strand catcher frequently, so buildup doesn't become an issue. 

The TubShroom also comes in a variety of colors, so you can get a cute companion for the kids' bathroom as well. TubShroom also makes a ton of other drain-health products, like for your kitchen sink, that prevent drain stoppages. With one of these handy products, you can make every drain in the bathroom and kitchen a whole lot easier to take care of. 

Extendable arm scrubber

Cleaning the bathroom can be a total pain in the neck — and we don't just mean figuratively. Between bending over the tub and toilet and exhaustive scrubbing with a hand brush and rag, it's easy to get a stiff back and kinked neck. Not to mention, scrubbing by hand can be a drain on your time and an inefficient use of cleaning products. Give yourself an extra hand and some arm length with an electric extendable scrubber. 

This model from GENIANI from Amazon charges with a USB cable and has three different brush heads to help out not only on the bathtub and toilet but on floors and tricky crevices like that little baseboard under the cabinets. With a multitasking scrubber tool, you can cut your bathroom cleanup time in half with a lot fewer aches and pains. And when cleaning is this easy, you'll find it easier to do maintenance throughout the week, not just on deep clean days. 

Vinegar-based hard water stain remover

A strong majority of Americans have hard water, but do you know what hard water is actually made up of? According to USGS, it's primarily made up of dissolved calcium and magnesium. These stubborn chemicals enter the water tank and come out of your shower head, drying and leaving a hard, crusty residue that can put up an amazing fight against scrubbing and a regular soap solution. If you're in a losing battle against hard water and your shower head looks like a stalagmite cavern thanks to hard water buildup, you need a vinegar-based cleaning solution in your arsenal. 

This lemon verbena vinegar gel solution from Amazon by Mrs. Meyer's is free of parabens and phthalates but can cut through hard water stains and buildup. It also has a fresh, herby scent, so you won't get the usual sting of straight vinegar in your nose. Plus, this cleaner doesn't require rinsing and can be used on many surfaces in your home.