Don't Paint Your Walls These 4 Colors If You Want To Keep Mosquitoes Out

Mosquitos are an issue every warm weather season, with people affected in various degrees depending upon your reaction to them. However, no one likes mosquitoes, and certainly, no one wants to invite mosquitoes into their homes any more than they already invite themselves. While things like citronella candles can help keep them at bay, did you know that painting your walls certain colors can actually work against other efforts made to keep pests out of the house? In fact, mosquitos are drawn to particular colors, and while the hues they prefer make sense to a mosquito, they might surprise you. 

According to Hyperallergic, mosquitos love red and orange. No matter what your nationality, human skin radiates a red-orange light wave that attracts mosquitoes. Mosquitos prefer the presence of CO2 with color, which is why they go for human beings over inanimate objects. However, painting your walls a red-orange hue might still cause these pests to come calling. Scientists who completed the study referenced by Hyperallergic found that out of all colors, red and orange were a "consistent hit" among all species of mosquitoes.

A love for black won't help

According to WCNC Charlotte, mosquitoes like dark colors. This is because they are sensitive to light and lack of water — they gravitate towards dark and shady areas to recharge. You've probably noticed that in the summertime, you aren't bitten by mosquitoes in the heat of the day — it's later on when the sun is setting, and the weather cools a bit. Since nighttime bites are the most common, simulating darkness in your home with black wall paint can attract mosquitoes. 

Another color that mosquitoes love but still doesn't quite make sense to scientists? Aqua. That one is a bit of a head-scratcher to experts but is still a color to avoid. If you have a mosquito problem, stay away from this brightly colored hue and go with a muted blue instead. 

How much the wall paint color attracts mosquitoes depends on where it's located. If you are painting a wall black or red in an area of the house that doesn't have direct access to open doors or windows, mosquitoes are less likely to get through. If you are painting exterior walls, a yard house, screened-in porch, or any other area of your home where mosquitoes have easy access, it's best to stay away from red, orange, aqua, and black. 

But are there any colors to help repel mosquitoes? Absolutely. According to CBS News, colors like green, purple, and white keep these biting menaces at bay.