The Most Important Place To Use WD40 That You're Probably Missing

WD40 has long been used as a lubricant for everything from squeaky hinges to car parts. It's long been a staple in the supply stash of mechanics, handymen, and many homeowners. However, it also has important uses you may not have realized. In fact, the WD40 official website lists unusual uses for the spray. The list includes everything from spraying it into a box of nails to keep them rust-free to just straight up using a full can as a paperweight. 

Of course, there are other important uses for the product that aren't commonly thought of beyond its standard lubrication use — but once you realize its other rightful places in day-to-day life, you'll be surprised you never thought of it before. In fact, some argue that WD40's most important use isn't lubrication at all but rather used as a cleaning product. So if you don't have a can of WD40 in your cleaning supply arsenal, you are missing its most important purpose. 

Cleaning the house

According to Gizmodo, WD40 can be used as a cleaning solution in a few different places. First and foremost, WD40 can be used to clean tile. Did you know that the formulation of this product can remove a lot of stubborn stains and spills, including makeup, paint, and deep scuff marks from tile floors? To get these things cleaned up from off tile, spray the WD40 directly onto the stain you need to remove, and then scrub with soap and water. Next, rinse away and watch the spill lift out and disappear. 

You can also use WD40 to scrub stains from stainless steel sinks, which can be pretty stubborn and difficult to clean. Simply spray WD40 onto a rag, and wipe the stain, going along the grain of the steel. The formulation of the WD40 won't just clean but also add extra shine to the stainless steel. 

While it can be surprising to learn that one of the most important uses of WD40 is as a cleaning agent, it's also fun to know that it can also clean further things as well. For example, it can clean rust off of various tools, eliminate crayon markings from toys and walls, and remove sticky residue from labels, tape, and stickers.