Does Your Home Have These Design Flaws Called Out On Ugliest House In America?

When you look at a home, interior or exterior, you typically first see all the features that stand out. More often than not, these are attributes that are aesthetically pleasing and grab your attention fairly quickly. However, every once and a while, you may take notice of the property for an entirely different reason — a characteristic or two will pop out at you because they're not so pleasant to look at. 

According to Realtor, HGTV's new show "Ugliest House in America" takes on homes like these that have unappealing features. From residences large and small, unfortunately, no home is exempt from these unattractive and ill-favored spaces. Not to worry; usually, there are quick and cost-efficient tips to transform these areas from unsightly to engaging. If you are ready for a busy weekend, here are the features that were called out on "Ugliest House in America" that your home may have.

Not enough color or space

The first thing is too much of a specific color. It's okay to have a favorite color that you enjoy more than the rest. However, when it comes to designing a home, too much of one specific paint can be overkill. You don't want to walk in your home and see the exact shade everywhere you turn. Terrys Fabrics state that too much of one color is dull and can lead to depression. To fix this simple mistake, consider repainting a few rooms with an entirely new shade.

Another element that isn't exactly lovely is cramped spaces, such as overflowing closets. However, it's more common than one might think. Luckily, this is a problem that can be fixed with little effort. All you need to do is weed through your clothes and get rid of the ones you no longer wear or want. Another suggestion is to give your closet a renovation. It's not too costly, and there are a ton of DIYs you can find to make the most out of a small space.

Damaged and uneven floors

When a home is old or well lived in, it is likely damages will accumulate over time. More often than not, it's the floors as they are used daily, and these can vary from a simple hole to structural issues underneath the home. However, no matter the type of damage, impaired floors are an eye sore that can be potentially dangerous. As Ginarte points out, hazardous floor conditions cause over 1 million visits to the emergency room every year. Therefore, if you have a similar problem in your home, fix it immediately so you don't get hurt and can look at your floor happily again.

Another unattractive feature is when certain areas of the floor are uneven. Like damaged floors, these can also be harmful since you can trip over them. However, injuries aside, they are just not an attractive feature to look at. While most multi-level flooring resides in older homes, you can still find this issue often today. Luckily, these unleveled floors can be fixed with just a few tools, time, and elbow grease.