The Best Paint Colors For Your Home If You're A Leo

A sign that's ruled by the sun and also belongs to the element of fire, passion, and power are important traits that make up the typical Leo. Encompassing anyone born between July 23 and August 22, vivacious and warm-hearted Leos seek creativity, excitement, and their shot under the shiny spotlight.

The home of a Leo should definitely embrace this vibrant energy through the use of bold and bright colors. So, according to Den Garden, avoid using any shades of blue or black. Far more suited to water signs like Pisces, these tones can feel quite listless and even depressing — which definitely doesn't reflect the lively energy of a Leo and will only dampen their spirit.

To create a space in which the lion can truly thrive, stay away from cool tones and muted hues in favor of bright, warm colors that will leave a Leo feeling invigorated and inspired.

Go for sunny hues that feel warm and welcoming

Heavily associated with sunshine and liveliness, the Leo home should clearly be painted with an abundance of orange, yellow, and gold tones so that the whole space feels bright and light. But that doesn't mean all other colors are completely off limits — the key is just making sure that you're sticking to a warm-toned palette. According to Den Garden, pinks and purples can work well when paired with oranges and yellows, as long as their undertones are red and not blue.

Although, as Den Garden points out, don't mistake the warm orange tones of Leo for the fiery reds of its cousin, Aries. Warm tones like bright yellows, golds, and blazing oranges with reddish elements are perfect — whereas red in its purest form can feel a little too assertive and is a less welcoming hue than you'd expect to see in a cheerful Leo home.

And embrace the regal vibes with rich tones

Not only is Leo seen as the king of the zodiac, but those born under the sign typically share strong leadership abilities, a desire to be admired, and a love of all things luxurious. So as well as paying homage to the sun, be sure to also allude to the regal nature of lavish Leo in the colors you choose for your home.

A lot can be done with accessories to create a pad that feels palace-like — such as picking furniture pieces with sculptural silhouettes, fitting ornate light fixtures, and choosing throw cushions made with plush velvet fabrics. But to really get the full elegant feel, use paint colors like rich dark purple and glamorous gold. According to astrologer Susan Miller, these dyes have always been the most expensive, which is why they are associated with royalty and the upper classes — and also clearly the luxurious Leo (via Reader's Digest).