How To Steal Cara Delevingne's Quirky And Eccentric Home Style

Cara Delevingne — talented model, actress, musician, singer, and ... interior designer? Yes, while Delevingne is mostly known for her work on stage or in movies, she also designed her own home in a unique and creative way. Bold, maximalist, and unafraid to mix patterns, her home is a direct reflection of who she is as a person. As she says in her house tour with Architectural Digest (via YouTube), her home exudes childlike fun and joy. It's also heavily inspired by "Alice In Wonderland," the jungle, and escape rooms. She's even got a David Bowie shrine and a red and white striped ball pit. In other words, her home is anything but boring.

Adding even a tiny ounce of Delevingne's style to your home will instantly make it more playful and inviting. If color equals a calm atmosphere for you (as it does for Delevingne), you'll want to steal her style. Her quirky and eccentric design is brought into her space through five key elements. Incorporating one, a few, or all of these features into your home will make it appear like it was designed by Cara Delevingne herself. 

Don't shy away from color

If you want your home to be Cara Delevingne-inspired, you can't shy away from color. Her home has ocean blue kitchen cabinets and bright purple dining room walls. Besides small touches of white, there are practically no neutrals. Additionally, her furniture pieces also add lots of color. Purple couches in the bedroom and yellow chairs in the dining room add pops of quirky shades that make her home extra unique. She especially loves jewel tones and pairing complementary colors, such as purple and yellow (via YouTube). 

To incorporate color into your home, you could paint your kitchen cabinets, add a bold accent wall, or choose a vibrant couch color. However, in a world that praises neutrals and completely white spaces, adding color can feel a little intimidating. If you're feeling this way, Food 52 says to start small and use elements that could easily be replaced. For instance, setting colorful dishes around the dining table or bringing in fresh flowers can add vibrancy to a neutral space. You could also add bedding or towels that make a statement. Once you've built up some more courage, take the plunge and paint a room a daring shade. This will really create more of a Delevingne look in your space.

Add wallpaper feature walls

However, Cara Delevingne's home isn't only made up of solid colors. She also loves prints and patterns, as seen in her many wallpapered walls. She has a Gucci print with pink flamingos, a green and white swan print, and a black and pink floral wallpaper, among others. The bolder the print, the better. All these different patterns and styles make her home seem like it was designed by the Mad Hatter, as she told Architectural Digest (via YouTube) in her house tour.

Homes To Love points out that wallpaper adds personality and warmth to a space. While a bold paint shade would just add color, a wallpaper design also adds texture and pattern. According to Veranda, adding wallpaper to your home will completely transform it. While very bold, it also catches the eye and provides lots of visual pleasure. Wallpaper is typically used in large areas, such as the living room or dining room, but it could also create an unexpectedly beautiful feature in a smaller room, like a bathroom, laundry room, or entryway. To really create a Delevingne-inspired space, choose a print with lots of color and animals. Most of the spaces in her home are covered in jungle creatures, which creates an extra playful atmosphere.

Place plants practically everywhere

The color Cara Delevingne uses the most in her space is green because she loves nature and natural elements, as she told Architectural Digest (via YouTube). She loves that her jungle-themed home makes her feel like she's outside. To this end, almost every corner of her home is filled with plants of all different types and sizes. Her pool table room is covered in plants, and she has a garden sanctuary right off her bedroom.

Therefore, an easy way to make your home appear more like hers is by adding lots of plants. However, when adding plants, make sure they are placed in unique places. For instance, while a plant on the coffee table will enliven your space, adding a hanging vine to a small corner or in a high place will create extra interest. Plantz adds that the planters you use are also very important. Choose ones that are bold and colorful. Also, don't be afraid to add lots of plants to one area. This will really make your home look like a jungle.

Use gold fixtures and hardware

Among all the different shades, patterns, and plants, there are also lots of gold features. In Cara Delevingne's kitchen, she has gold hardware and light fixtures. In the bedroom, her bed frame is made of glass with a gold rim. Throughout her home are lots of gold picture frames and decorative elements. And her bathroom has a large tub encompassed in gold (via YouTube).

According to Storables, gold enlivens a space and makes it feel more luxurious. In your home office, you could add a gold table lamp. Golden planters could hold your plants, which would create a fun mix of color and metal. Decorative bowls, candle holders, and furniture pieces will all make a statement in a space. Carrying gold throughout your home can also make every space look cohesive, even if each room utilizes very different colors. Living Spaces points out that gold looks great when used with just about any color besides yellow. Darker jewel tones will add to the elegant feel gold brings into a room.

Incorporate playful elements

However, what really makes Cara Delevingne's home so unique is that it's practically a huge adult playhouse. Her home features so many elements that make it fun and eccentric. For instance, she has a transparent piano that changes colors, a bunk bed in her guest bedroom, a movie theater, arcade games, trampolines in the yard, and a poker room covered in red curtains (via YouTube).

However, all these pieces may seem a bit too dramatic (or expensive) for your home, and that's okay. There are other smaller ways you can add a fun feel to your home. For instance, Delevingne also has some light-up signs in her space — one is shaped like a banana. Neon Creations says that a neon sign could be used as wall art in a living space, above a bar area, or even in a nursery. Another easy way to make your space more quirky is by adding small animal décor pieces. Decor Tips says that animal motifs can be added through lamps, wall mounts, or wall art. Delevingne includes animals in her spaces through her flamingo wallpaper, leopard carpet, and lion statues.