3 Rugs To Pair With A White Couch

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Choosing white for your couch is a smart move if you're inclined to have a variety of options for decor or even if you prefer a minimalistic vibe. White can match every other color and is great as a base to build around. Your palette can lean towards a lighter, airy theme or involve lots of bright, bold statement pieces. Regardless of which way you go, picking a rug to compliment the couch is an important addition to any room. Because white is so versatile, it really comes down to the accent and decor you plan to use.

While there are unlimited possibilities, several rugs will match the couch's material and make it a focal point within the space. According to Emily Henderson, when you purchase a rug, it should be roughly about the same length as the couch, which helps bring attention to the couch. The following options complement the white while creating an engaging backdrop for the other furniture and accessories. You can use these ideas as a jumping-off point or inspiration for future designs.

1. Multi-colored designs

When it comes to selecting a rug to match your white couch, one of the easiest and most engaging options is going with a multi-colored mat. Choose something with white interspersed throughout, which will pull through to the couch's material without becoming too monochromatic. The other colors will add depth and dimension, allowing more freedom for accents and accessories. This rug from Amazon combines blues, grays, and whites to create an engaging design that matches the furniture and offers many themes to build on.

Using color to create multi-faceted elements in a space is key to making an inviting, aesthetically pleasing home. This rug doesn't offer a specific pattern, but the colors blend well together as well as with the white couch fabric, producing a unique and alluring result. Branch out with other tones or hues, or stick with similar ones to this Amazon version which only costs around $150 for an 8 by 10-foot rug. According to Rugs Direct, mixing bigger and smaller patterns is another way to add dimension to a room, so picking a rug with a combination of both helps accomplish this. 

2. Green patterns

Traditional style rugs are always a classic choice and offer a multitude of colors to match your white couch. Green pairs well with white, and opting for a bold shade that stands out will create a dazzling aesthetic. You can explore the different shades and tones like emerald, sage, and olive, then pair them with different hues of white throughout the room and the couch. Beige, ivory, and cream all match nicely with the lighter furniture, and many rugs come with designs and patterns that incorporate all of these colors. This option from Amazon combines different greens with browns and whites to make it more grounded while still offering an intricate design that draws in the eye.

Each shade or tone offers a different vibe or atmosphere, so it depends on what look you are going for. If you want to have a cooler, more serene aesthetic, sage or lighter greens are a great option, while jewel tones like emerald will enhance the space and add even more depth. According to Furniture.com, earth tones imbibe a welcoming manner, making visitors feel safe and comfortable when they walk into your home. They also recommend pairing pearl shades and mint greens to open up a living room even more.

3. Gray contrasts

Gray and white is another simple combination that always produces a fantastic result and is easy to pull off. Gray is neutral, which means it can match almost anything and be paired with a variety of accents, too. Picking a rug that offers a solid dark or light gray, or even an option that pulls creams, ivories, or beiges through, will allow you to explore more palettes. If you want to keep a minimalist vibe in the space, sticking to gray, white, and other neutrals will allow for a clean, crisp room. Adding in bright colors can create an engaging area that feels bold and expressive.

Having a base aesthetic to build upon makes it easy to change your decor whenever you're ready for a change, but it also gives you a solid foundation for the theme. According to Farm Food Family, gray is considered by many to be a fundamental part of any design plan within the home. Whether it is your walls, furniture, or rugs, this timeless shade can coexist with any other color and create an inviting backdrop, especially for your white couch. Choosing a textured gray will also add more dimension to the space and make it appear even cozier for those movie nights or dinner parties. This fluffy rug from Amazon offers both a pleasing material and a simple yet elegant pattern that pulls the white of the couch through the rest of the space without overdoing it.