The Best Plants For Your Garden If You're A Libra

Libras are born between September 23 and October 22, Astrology Zodiac Signs notes. They are the seventh sign of the zodiac, and the scales, which reflect Libras' need for justice, fairness, and balance represent them.

Ruled by Venus, the air sign is naturally seen as loving and romantic yet materialistic. Being ruled by this planet, Libra tends to seek out art, music, beauty, and pleasurable experiences such as travel and spending time with loved ones. In addition, this sign is well-known as a social butterfly that attracts people with a personality that balances peace, cooperation, and love for others.

Plants For All Seasons lets us know that pink and green are two of Libra's power colors. With these facts in mind, lush ferns, large leafy plants, and pink flowers are some of the best cultivars for the air sign to grow in their garden. Many species fit these descriptions, so let's take a look at some specific plants that mesh well with Libra's personality, energy, and aesthetic.

1. Cosmos

Cosmos (Cosmos spp.) are pointed to as Libra's spirit flower by Plantgem. They are low-maintenance, full of color, and work well in the garden with many other plants. More significantly, they symbolize peace, harmony, order, balance, and beauty, according to the Petal Republic, just like the Libra zodiac sign. Each petal on the cosmos plant is symmetrical, which accounts for its image as a beautiful and orderly flower.

UtahState University gives us a peek into the care requirements for this wildflower that does well in pots and garden beds. They say that cosmos flowers should be grown in well-draining soil in full sun. Between species, there are many cultivars to choose from, some growing up to 5 feet tall. The flowers come in lots of colors such as pink, red, white, orange, and more. Additionally, the cosmos plants bloom for quite a long time, from summer to fall, so Libra's garden is full of color for several months.

2. Monstera

The monstera plant (Monstera deliciosa) goes by several names, including the swiss cheese plant, the split-leaf philodendron, and the hurricane plant. ProFlowers suggests this cultivar to people with Libra sun signs because of the climbing vines' long-lived relationship with art. However, there is no denying that this plant is extremely beautiful with its large, glossy leaves and slender stems. For a Libra, the leafy giant can act as a good conversation starter, not that they need any help in that realm.

Monstera plants require little attention once they are established in the garden or in a container. This makes them a great option for busy, social signs that may not have time to care for their plants daily. As told by North Carolina State Extension, the creeper requires medium to high humidity levels and protection from direct sunlight. Grown indoors, it's unlikely that a monstera plant will ever produce fruit or flowers, but it may be possible when the epiphytic vine is planted outside.

3. Bird's nest fern

The bird's nest fern (Asplenium nidus), as described by The Sill, is a rare beauty that perfectly matches Libra's energy. Similar to the zodiac sign, this plant likes its care to be balanced. It needs fertile dirt, bright indirect light, and evenly moist soil. Though the air sign and the fern can both be high maintenance, efforts by others who care for them are rewarded with powerful beauty and a long, satisfying relationship.

An epiphytic plant, the bird's nest fern is native to the tropical regions of Hawaii, Australia, Polynesia, Madagascar, and the southeastern parts of Asia, as mentioned by RayaGarden. To grow well, this cultivar requires warm temperatures, high humidity, and plenty of space to spread and develop. So, Libra, if you would like to own this plant, be sure that you can set aside the time to nurture it properly, or else it will likely die quicker than you would expect.

4. Peace lily

Known as peacekeepers, Libra sun signs need harmony and equilibrium in their lives. One way that the sign achieves this is by creating a soothing and beautiful space in its home. Lively Root notes the peace lily (Spathiphyllum spp.) for its representation of peace and its air-purifying abilities. These attributes are attractive to Libra, who can enjoy both the physical appearance and function of this flowering plant.

The peace lily can be easily identified by its glossy oval leaves and gorgeous white blossoms. These flowers, as taught by Clemson Cooperative Extension, are lightly fragrant and long-lasting from spring to summer. Because they are tolerant of most growing conditions, peace lilies make wonderful garden plantings or houseplants depending on the USDA growing zone you live in. Different cultivars of the flower feature varying growth habits, leaf colors, bloom sizes, and foliage textures. However, it's easy to find a variety that fits Libra's specific aesthetic best.

5. Broccoli

Broccoli (Brassica oleracea), as told by, is one of several fruits and vegetables a Libra should grow in its garden. Along with apples, strawberries, spinach, and sweet potatoes, they recommend growing nutritious plants that balance the kidneys, which the zodiac sign rules. In addition to the healthful value of these florae, they also have flowers with delicate blossoms that are sometimes fragrant. This also pleases Libra, who often enjoys the delicate beauty of the outdoors.

Growing broccoli in your home garden is not as difficult as it may sound. This edible plant simply needs well-draining soil, regular watering, and plenty of sunlight, as described by North Carolina State Extension. If you choose to grow this beautiful vegetable in your garden, be aware that it is a wildlife larval host that attracts pollinators during warmer seasons. Your broccoli plant will be ready to harvest in the late fall and summer.