30% Of Homeowners Prefer This Window Treatment

Window treatments have two primary purposes — they stifle sunlight and provide privacy. However, you should dress your windows for more than just these practical reasons. Window treatments also contribute greatly to the overall style of a space. Choose curtains or shades for a soft and cozy look. According to Wayfair, thick drapes will create an extra formal appearance, and blinds and shutters will provide a more industrial and functional feel. Mix treatments to get the best of both worlds. For instance, hang both curtains and blinds on a window for the most privacy and a soft look. Or, keep your windows bare, to always let the light pour in.

To discover which window treatment is the most popular, House Digest surveyed 627 people. Participants could choose from the following options: shades, blinds, shutters, curtains, drapes, and bare windows. One of these options gained over 30% of the vote, and you might be able to guess which one it was.

The most popular window treatment adds personality

Of all the participants, 191 chose curtains as their favorite window treatment style. This probably isn't surprising — curtains, perhaps, more than any other window treatment, add softness and personality to a space. They are made of cozy fabrics of all different colors, sizes, designs, and patterns and are completely customizable, per The Mill Shop. They're also easy to install or replace yourself. Never Skip Brunch points out that when curtains are hung higher and wider than the window, the area can appear larger than it actually is, which could enhance your room.

Practically, curtains can make your home feel warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, per The Mill Shop. Thick options will help prevent the air from outside from entering your home and affecting the temperature. Additionally, curtains could potentially help reduce outside noise. And, if you live in a densely populated area, they provide privacy. However, Allure Window Treatments says this treatment doesn't block out light as well as others, even some light filtering options. Therefore, those who don't mind some sunlight may find curtains to be a perfect choice. 

The other window treatment options

Over 24% and 153 participants chose blinds as their favorite window treatment. Blinds are helpful because there are a number of privacy and light filtering options to choose from. Budget Blinds says that you could completely open or close your blinds or tilt them slightly open for just a little bit of light. These window treatments are also easy to clean with a cloth; however, there aren't as many color or style options as curtains, per Factory Direct Blinds.

Shades were the next most popular option, which 17% and 108 people chose. Like curtains, shades soften a space, but they can be more expensive since they're typically custom-made. Shutters came next, with under 14% and 87 votes. Shutters are also customized and quite expensive. Drapes aren't very popular; only 10% and 64 participants chose this option. Wayfair says that drapes differ from curtains because they're more formal, heavier, and typically at least floor length. Unlike most curtains, drapes can make a space feel dark and can overwhelm a window. Finally, bare windows with no treatment only gained under 4% of the vote and were chosen by 24 people.