How To Install Drapes With Command Strips

Command Strips can be used for more than just hanging picture frames. The Happier Homemaker has a hack that uses Command Strips to install drapes. This hack is perfect for anyone who doesn't want to drill holes into their walls when installing the curtain rod for their drapes. This hack can be done anywhere, from a rental home or apartment to a college dorm (via The Homes I Have Made).

Choosing to use Command Strips in place of screws is also beneficial if your walls are already weak from drilling many holes in the past. Since they can be easily removed without damaging the wall, they are a better choice for homeowners who like to frequently redecorate and don't want to make any permanent changes. This hack can be customized to find the decor style of any home or to blend in with the wall if someone prefers not to see the hardware that holds up the curtain rod.

Choose your Command Hooks

Depending on how you choose to customize this hack, you may need different materials. Of course, you will need Command Hooks. When choosing which Command Hooks and Command Strips pay attention to the weight limit. The Happier Homemaker recommends choosing the four-pack of jumbo Command Hooks. You will also need a lightweight curtain rod and lightweight curtains.

The customization comes in if you would like to paint the Command Hooks or if they are too large for curtains being installed close to the ceiling or window frame. In those instances, a plastic primer spray paint should be used before painting the Command Hooks, and bolt cutters and a metal file should be used if the hooks need to be trimmed. If you choose to paint the hooks, first use the primer, and then they can be painted any color you like, even the color of your walls if you want them to blend in. To trim the hooks, use the bolt cutters and then the file to smooth them or even round the edges.

Hanging the curtains

After customizing the Command Hooks, the first step is to prepare the wall where you will be installing them. To clean the surface, isopropyl rubbing alcohol and a paper towel is the best choice. You will need the wall to be clean, so the Command Strip can properly adhere to the wall, according to Homes to Love. Once the wall is dry, mark where you will place your hooks and ensure the curtain rod is leveled. The Happier Homemaker recommends placing the Command Hooks 3 to 6 inches from the outside edge of the window and adding an extra hook in the middle.

Looking at the Command Strips, one side will tell you that it should be stuck to the wall. First, remove the paper and stick the Command Strip to the hook. Then remove the paper from the other side of the Command Strip and stick it to the wall, holding it for 30 seconds. The Command Hook should be left untouched for an hour before continuing to the next step. This is important to allow the Command Strip to stick to the wall completely. Lastly, add your curtains to the rod and place the rod onto the Command Hooks.